Thunder and Lightning On Our Caravan Holiday in Scarborough

My blog may be called ‘What Laura Loves’ but i can tell you what Laura most certainly does not love and thats being stuck in a caravan during a thunder storm.

With it being my birthday on Sunday we booked a cheapy break away in a caravan along the Yorkshire coast about two hours from where we live.  The drive down was fab and the weather was gorgeous all week.  I went with my family.

Thunder and Lightning On Our Caravan Holiday in Scarborough
3 generations all together <3

We did loads of typical family things, which was lovely. We went to the Sea Life centre in Scarborough and saw a huge turtle and penguins, such a good day out if you like that kinda thing. We also went to this animal and garden park in Filey.  We ate out at some lovely restaurants and it was lovely to get dressed up with my mum and nana… 3 generations all together 🙂

Thunder and Lightning On Our Caravan Holiday in Scarborough
Feeding a donkey

On Thursday, I drove a little further afield and went to the Designer Outlet in York. OMG, it was absolutely fantastic. Bargains galore!  While we were there we did a little shopping for my birthday.  I got a v neck jumper and two polos from Ralph Lauren, a cable knit jumper from Crew Clothing, a crotched waterfall cardigan from Next and some Bobbi Brown and MAC make up.  Ill do a post about some of my purchases later… at the moment they’re being wrapped up in shiny paper for my birthday 😀  I also had a look in Joules because I’m trying to get my hands on some welly socks and although they didn’t have any in the shop, the sales assistant said that they have just opened an ebay shop for the joules outlet so i MUST have a look on there!

We’d had such a lovely day at the designer outlet but as we were coming home, the heavens opened and the rain was pouring and pouring down.  It was quite scary actually when we were driving back as all the country roads were all flooded and my windscreen wipers weren’t wiping fast enough so i could hardly see where i was going.  Clearly a little convertible isn’t designed for such conditions!  By the time we got back to the caravan the rain was getting heavier and heavier but after a few hours, it started to clear up, so we were able to go out to get some dinner.  We didn’t go to bed until late but by then the rain had started up again.  It was fab listening to it pitter patter on the caravan roof. Until we were all awoken at 4am with a bright flash of light and the loudest bang I’ve ever heard.  To say i was shitting myself is a complete understatement, pardon my french.

We all got up and tried the light and soon discovered all of the electric was off.  Then in walks a man, soaking wet and dressed all in black and carrying a torch!  Turns out he was an electrician off the campsite and had come to check our fuse box.  He told us the lightening had hit the caravan next to us, blown all the fuse boxes and thats why we had no electricity.  A very sleepless nights sleep followed.  It really is true what they say about the calm before the storm because it would be really quiet, then the wind would start up and then the thunder and lightening!  Really exciting but really really scary too!!

Hope you’ve all had a good week.  Ill never forget mine in a hurry. Such a lovely, fun, exciting and scary time rolled into one!

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