Tips to create a smooth silhouette and sculpt your figure

Want to know the secret to having a smooth silhouette? Well, the answer is shapewear of course. Having a smooth base under your clothes can make a huge difference in how you look and feel. When you have shapewear in your lingerie drawer, you can wear that body-hugging dress or skinny jeans comfortably and get the shape you want in other outfits that you choose.

The right shapewear can make your clothes fit better and flatter your figure. No matter what is your body type, the clothes over a smooth foundation will into the right place and highlight your curves. Which shapewear or wholesale waist trainer is best for you depends on a few factors such as your trouble areas and the occasion you are dressing up for.  Ahead are some ways to get the smooth silhouette by using shapewear.

Different Types Of Shapewear To Sculpt Your Figure

All-In-One Body Shaper

Full bodysuits are the all-over body shapers that is best for creating a smooth shape from top to bottom. They are designed to take care of several trouble areas in one simple piece like taming the stomach and lower abdomen. A full bodysuit lifts the bust, smooths the midsection and control the hips. Some bodysuits that are mid-thigh in length can help to slim the thighs as well. Another reason why a full bodysuit is an ideal choice is because it stays in place and fits well. Full body shapers come in different designs such as underbust, over bust, short, thong or mid-thigh.

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Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are also very popular for creating a smooth silhouette especially if you want less coverage but an instant tummy tuck. These amazing garments can help you drop several inches from your waistline. Besides that, they also eliminate muffin top and love handles so you can easily achieve that hourglass shape. Made with high compression fabric like latex or neoprene, waist trainers usually feature hook and eye closures, zipper or belt. You can get extra slimming power and also a good workout piece to help you perspire more.

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Panty Shapers

All of us wear panties anyway so why not get one that works to tame the tummy and lower abdomen, prevent mufin tops and also lifting the buttock? Panty shapers or briefs are great for everyday use and create a smooth foundation no matter if you are wearing jeans or a dress. There are several types of panty shapers like high waist control panties that can eliminate muffin top and tummy pooch, or thong shaping panties that slims the waist, flattens the stomach and no visible panty lines.

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Shaping Shorts

Shaping shorts are a great option if you want to slim and control your thighs while at the same time, tucking in the stomach and smoothing the waist. There are also rear-lifting shorts that can give your buttock a lift. These high-waisted shaping shorts are easy to wear and slims from below the bust to mid-thigh.

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