Tips To Cultivate Love For Horses In Your Kids

If you love horses, you will surely want to bequeath them to your children. They will probably have equine love in their genes, but you may not have to do much to get them to recognize it. Introducing them to horses and riding at a young age gives you a head start. But you must do it strategically to address the inherent doubts and apprehension about getting close to equine pets. While there are no shortcuts to cultivating a love for horses in your kids, you can follow these tips to give them a great start.

Teach them about horses

Since young children are curious, you can use their curiosity to develop an interest in equines. Talk about horses, encourage them to share their feelings, and be ready to answer questions. You can take them to equine shows, read stories, and show them entertaining horse movies. Anything that inspires them to know more about these animals is good enough to spark their interest initially. You can always move ahead from there!

Be comfortable with their fears

As a horse lover, you will probably not feel good about your kids being afraid of these animals. But you must understand that it is normal for a child to be scared of a talk and strong animal. Invalidating their fears is the worst mistake you can make as a parent. Avoid shaming them for a legitimate fear because it may push them further. Develop comfort with their apprehension and find ways to help them overcome it. For example, explain the techniques and precautions to prevent riding injuries.

Train your equine

Preparing your kids for their first experience with horses is only half the work. You must also train your equine to complete the equation. According to horse trainer Clinton Anderson, your equine companion may also be apprehensive about young riders. Remember that the relationship has to be mutual, so both sides should be comfortable with each other. Moreover, some breeds may be too aggressive for kids, so they may not be the best option for introductory experiences.

Have realistic expectations

Having realistic expectations regarding the entire practice is another way to make your kid comfortable with equine companions. Parents often expect more from their children and end up creating a subtle pressure that stresses them out. Go slow and easy, and give them enough time to align with the idea. You can take them for short sessions to meet the horse first instead of forcing them to ride sooner than later. 

Explain petting basics

Horses are affectionate, loyal, and intelligent animals, so loving them is easy. Your kids will probably develop good bonding with the pet over time if they know about the fun personality traits that make it special. Explain petting basics, such as touching the animal at the right places, feeding it, and speaking to it gently. Once your child nurtures friendship with the equinecompanion, love will follow naturally. 

Passing on equine love to your kids is easier than you imagine. You only need to bridge the initial gap and let things happen naturally from there. These tips give you the right start.

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