Top 10 Home Improvements That Will Transform Your Home

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Since ancient times, people have always tried to make their homes safe, comfortable, functional and trendier. We have already achieved significant results for this purpose, so far. The best would be to plan before you build your home, but since most people are already homeowners, there are things you can still do to improve your home. So, why be the odd one out? The below home improvement ideas will transform your home


Everyone who comes to your home will definitely pass through the entryway. Therefore, it becomes the first thing they see, anyway. So long as it’s practical, it will not harm to invest in a grand defined entryway to welcome your visitors. Wainscoting is best for delineating the space. You can also have high shelves to serve as storage for anything you want to tuck away. To make it more appealing, paint the wainscoting and shelving with a contrasting coloUr to the walls.


Innovative landscape lighting adds beauty and harmony to your home and outdoor living spaces. You can always find exceptional outdoor light fixtures that will match your taste, budget, and architecture. If you want to enjoy your outdoor space, consider adding up striking illumination effects and enhance your home beauty.  


The narrow spaces in your house can help you a lot especially if you have a small kitchen or tiny bedroom. With innovative shelving and wall hangings, you can use these narrow spaces as an ideal storage space of things that you use less often.


The bedroom is a critical element in any modern house. However, it is one of the most ignored in home remodelling. In your bid to make your home small heaven on earth, don’t leave this section unattended. Get the best pieces of art, paint it according to your style and light it up. As the name suggests, the most important part of the bedroom is the bed, don’t leave this section unattended. You should look for a bed and mattress that can go with the theme of your bedroom. You can read some reviews before buying a mattress for your bed, like the sleepDelivered lull mattress reviews to help you choose a mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep every day, every season.


As much as we have to use bins and vacuums, we do not need to appear to make them our home’s centrepiece, as they can ruin all your efforts of enhancing the look of your dream home. Instead, be creative and find ways to hide them.  For instance, you can put all the cleaning supplies in a designed cupboard… or if you’ve been following Mrs Hinch, a Narnia!


If the condition of your kitchen is not good or appealing, then there is nothing you can do to other areas of your home to it turn it into paradise. A total kitchen renovation can be expensive but you can do it on a budget and there are small renovations you can do without leaving your bank account empty.  For example, installing a new countertop or adding new stainless-steel appliances will go a long way.  Al & I are currently renovating his kitchen and bathroom and I’ve been sharing snippets over on the WhatLauraLoves Instagram so do follow me there for a behind the scenes look!


Landscaping can help a lot in designing your home to meet your preference. Landscaping improves not only your home value, but it also beautifies your space. The best way to set the tone to anybody driving or walking into your home is through a well-maintained landscape.


A deck has a lot of benefits to your home including providing space to relax and entertain. It also adds beauty and value to your home. Based on the contours of your land and your taste, you can pick your choice from a variety of styles.


For home improvement projects, it would be unwise not to renovate your bathroom.  Give your bathroom the personal touch with a renovation and strike a cord between something that looks incredible but is functional as a place for you to relax, chill out and get your clean on.  After all, you and your visitors regularly see this space at least one in a day.  So, make it as comfortable as it can get with space for all of those body scrubs and skincare products!


Gone are the days when basements were left for creepy scenes in horror movies.  They’re quite rare in the UK but if you have one, you could renovate the space into something you’ll use and love, it could even be something fun like a home gyms, a place to set-up an at home bar or even as a game room. You just need to be creative and choose what works for your home setup.

The home is where the heart is, with the above ideas you can make it be the loveliest and welcoming place you can be. Remember this is where you get to relax and rest. So, make your home help you do just that.

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