Top 10 Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

I wasn’t too sure whether homeware kind of posts would be of interest to you all but I love looking at bits and bobs for my house and wanted to share some of my tips with you all, starting with my top tips for redecorating your bedroom.

Please don’t ask me where my pink piggy bank is from as I have no idea, sorry! lol

1. Save up

Last year I finally finished decorating my bedroom and I absolutely love it!  I have literally spent years saving up to decorate my bedroom and I didn’t spare any expense.  Saying that, I didn’t go over the top or waste any money but what I mean is that I saved up so that I could get exactly what I wanted and I’m so happy with the result.  I really think that your bedroom is something that you need to spend your time on to get it completely right as it is the one room in your house that is completely for you and it needs to be a place of relaxation.  So my first top tip would be to save up for as long as you need to in order to decorate your bedroom the way that you want it.  In my opinion, there is rarely any point in spending money on things that you don’t really want, just to get a room finished.  If you want a bedroom that will last, it is worth waiting for.

2. Create a room that you can adapt to the seasons

When decorating a room, I would suggest creating a room that you can adapt with the seasons but still keep its style.  For example, if you want to decorate your bedroom pink, try not to make it look too summery otherwise it’ll be harder to make it look warm and cosy in the winter.

One of the things that I am really thankful for with regards to my bedroom is that I really took the time to plan what I have in it and I’ve designed it so that I can easily update it between seasons.  For example, during the summer months I have a light throw and cushions on my bed with silk flowers in light colours that compliment the purple and stone paint during the summer, then in the winter, I change my bedding to a darker set with faux fur cushions and throw, wind fairy lights around my bed and add some gold Christmas decorations.

3. Choose Your Colour Scheme Wisely

My third tip is to think wisely before choosing the colour scheme in your room from the flooring to the walls and main furniture because that really influences the accessories that you can opt for and the overall feel to the room.  It’s also a good idea to keep in mind how colour can affect a room- blue tones will make it feel cool and oranges warm, for example.  Also consider who will be sleeping in the room; if your partner hates pink, he probably wouldn’t want to sleep in an overly pink bedroom.

The colour scheme that I went for in my bedroom is a deep purple called Mulberry Burst from the Dulux Feature Wall Range which I have on two walls; the wall where the bed is up against and the wall opposite that.  On the other two walls I have Soft Stone which again, is from Dulux and is a similar colour the roller blind I have up at our window.  My flooring is a fairly dark, cool toned wood, my skirting boards and ceiling are white and my door is a similar colour to the floor.  All of the furniture I bought is from Ikea and it is the white Hemnes range and my bed is an antique gold/brass wrought iron bed frame.  All of these tones compliment each other and can be made lighter and brighter with accessories during the summer and darkened in the winter months.

4. Invest in your bed

My next tip is to really invest in your bed, or more specifically your mattress.  You’re going to be spending a large portion of your life asleep so you need to make sure you’re comfortable.  For your mattress, go into a store and try them all out until you find one that you think is the most comfortable, you can often find mattresses for great prices online but it is important to find out what you want first- firm? soft? memory foam?

When choosing your bed, I’d suggest going for something that is equal parts practical and pretty.  If you have pets then perhaps a faux leather bedstead that could easily be scratched isn’t the right thing for you, similarly white and little children rarely go together without some marks along the way!  The bed that I have at home is the Serene Jessica Double Metal Bedstead and I have it in the colour Antique Brass.  I got my bed from a local bed shop that doesn’t have a website but I have found exactly the same one on this website  I really think that the antique brass colour of the bed frame really compliments the paint on my walls.

5. Buy Good Quality Bedding: Duvets, Pillows, Protectors

Luxury Hotel Collection Bedding

Aside from the furniture as a whole, the most expensive thing that I spent my money on was probably the bedding.  Not the sheets but the actual duvet and pillows themselves.  I’ve tried countless amounts of bedding and I honestly think that, in the majority of cases, you get what you pay for.  When decorating your room and buying a new mattress, I’d really suggest buying a mattress protecter to keep it clean and to prevent wear.

To protect my mattress, I opted for the Luxury Hotel Collection Touch of Silk Double Mattress Protector (£70) to not only prolong the life of my mattress but to add an extra layer of comfort as I sleep and the Pillow Protectors from the same range (£40 per pair).  For a duvet, I chose the Luxury Hotel Collection Ultimate Comfort Duvet (£240 for a double duvet) in a 13.5 tog which is great as it is actually two duvets that pop together so you can have a super light one for the summer, a medium one for spring and autumn and a thick one for the winter.  This bedding is available exclusively to Linea Home at House of Fraser and I honestly cannot recommend this range enough.  The bedding is just the best quality I have ever had and I love it that much that when I saw it went into the sale, I went out and bought it for my dad for his room too.  This bedding will seriously last me years and years and years!

Snuggledown of Norway Pillows

The pillows I went for were the Snuggledown of Norway Oriental Dynasty Ball Fibre Box Pillows (£30 per pair, also from HoF) as they are soft but firm and retain their shape.  They aren’t the kind that your head sinks through and hits the bed!  They’re quite thick so although I have four on my bed I only tend to sleep with one on each side which is so unusual for me as I’m usually a two pillow person!  Whichever make you go for, for whatever price point, my advice would be to buy the best quality that you can because they will last you for years and years, long after you redecorate.

7. Fan of a Tan? Buy Dark Coloured Sheets!

If you’re someone who likes to wear false tan then I would HIGHLY suggest buying a dark fitted sheet for your bed.  Whilst false tan is pretty good these days in that it doesn’t tend to stain the sheets too badly, the vast majority do still transfer onto the sheets a little bit.  If you’ve got a light coloured sheet on your bed then this can look awful and depending on the quality of your sheets, it might not wash out without leaving some staining or discolouration behind.  Whilst washing your bedding regularly is a necessity, it can be annoying if you have just put clean sheets on and have to wash them after a day because you’ve worn your tan to bed… and who can plan their live around putting their tan on and washing their sheets, really?

If you’re interested, the fitted sheets I went for are the Luxury Percale Deep Fitted Sheets (£13 each from Next) in mauve.  They’ve been on my bed coming up to a year now and I can report that they have kept their colour very well and haven’t faded, they wash extremely well and have remained lovely and soft.  I wash them with a little fabric softener and they always come up lovely.

If you have two pillows on your bed, another tip is to buy darker pillow cases for the bottom pillows if your duvet and pillowcase set is going to be quite light in colour.  This is so that when you have your tan on, you can just sleep with your head on the bottom pillows and take the top pillows off the bed, thus reducing the amount of tan that will show up on your bedding if it does transfer.  This also keeps your top pillows that are going to be on display more in better condition and looking brighter.

For my bed I bought two packs of the Luxury Percale Pillowcases from Next (£6 per pair) to use as the pillowcases for the bottom pillows on my bed.  I bought a set of two in the natural colour and two in the cream as well.  These were in the Housewife style.  Again, they have washed really well.

8. Weigh up your options for bedding- save or splurge

For bedding, you have a couple of different options and really it depends on you and your preference as to which you’ll go for.  When it comes to bedding, you can spend A LOT of money on a bedset or you can pick one up pretty cheaply in places like B&M Home Bargains and Dunelm Mill.  It all depends on the comfort you’re looking for and how often you want to change the bedding set.  For comfort, the higher the thread count, the more you’re going to pay for your bedding.  If cost isn’t an option, I would suggest going for the higher thread counts as they’ll wash better, last longer and feel more luxurious and comfortable when you’re sleeping with them.  However for most of us, cost is a big factor.

I have had bedding sets from department stores costing into their hundreds and I’ve had sets from B&M for around a tenner with everything included.  What I have noted about going to the cheaper stores like B&M is that generally the duvet cover, etc doesn’t wash very well, they can go bobbly quickly, lose their colour vibrancy and they don’t feel as soft on your skin.  However all is not lost with them as they enable you to be able to change your bedding much more frequently than if you had spent a fortune on a bedding set which is great for those that like to redecorate frequently.

Then you have the bedding sets that are around £100 to £250 in places like Debenhams and House of Fraser.  These are much higher quality than the ones you would get from B&M and they do last longer however, when I decorated my bedroom, I decided to try Next bedding for the first time and I have to say I am extremely impressed with what I found with their bedding.

Next are in the middle of B&M and Debenhams price wise, in that most of their bed sets are around the £50 mark.  They wash incredibly well, feel soft to the touch, come in lots of different styles, keep their colour and shape and they are pretty affordable, so for me they’re a win win.  Now that I have discovered their bedding, I wouldn’t pay hundreds for a set out of a department store anymore, nor would I spend less money in a cheaper shop for poorer quality, I’d rather wait and save up for the Next set.

When choosing your bedding, I would recommend choosing two completely different sets of bedding with different display cushions and throw so that you can have two different looks on your bed. This also enables you to adapt your bedding to the seasons- perhaps a darker set for the winter and a lighter set for the summer.  It also helps you out when it comes to washing as well because it means that you can have one bedding set in the wash and another on your bed.

For one of the duvet sets, I chose the Natural Panel Bed Set (£45) again from Next that comes with the duvet cover and two pillow cases and I also chose another one that is white with a big heart embroidered on it which I haven’t photographed and it is currently doing a 360 in the washing machine…!  They both wash really well and I think they’re great quality for the money we spent.

Where I do think you can save money is on the decorations for your bed like scatter cushions and throws.  If you’re someone who likes change and wants to be changing the look of their bed a lot then I would really recommend going to a really affordable shop like B&M and Matalan as their designs are similar to the ones that you would find in a posh department store but literally at a fraction of the price, meaning that you’ll be able to change up your room more frequently.  For my room, I got my throws and scatter cushions from Next.  I got two large glittery fabric cushions and a small square one for a summertime look with a lightweight cable knit throw, then for a winter look I went for two huge faux fur cushions, a chunky cable knit heart cushion and a faux fur throw.  All of the cushions were pretty reasonably priced, aside from the faux fur items which were quite pricey but superb quality.  I justified this as I am only planning on changing the design of my room twice in the year- so I will have the lighter pieces on my bed each summer and the fur on my bed in the winter.

9. Use lighting to create mood in your room

My next tip is to use lighting to create a mood and atmosphere in your room.  I am someone who is massively affected by light- when it is bright and sunny or I’m in a room with a lot of light then I do feel happier, have more energy and feel more productive.  It is also super important for me to be able to let lots of natural light into my room because I take a lot of blog photographs in there.  I’d really suggest considering where the windows are in your room.  My bedroom has a HUGE window in it so letting light in during the day is not a problem for me.  Instead, my focus for lighting is more for the evening and I wanted to opt for soft lighting that would be romantic and really just look good in my room when they’re turned off as much as when they’re lit up.

In my opinion, lighting is where you can also save some money as some of the more affordable shops have very similar styles to the specialist lighting shops but it is important to bear in mind that lights are quite expensive regardless of where you buy them and the cost of bulbs after you’ve purchased you light isn’t cheap either.  I initially went around all of these different light shops and saw a beautiful set of lights that were honestly absolutely gorgeous but they were ridiculously expensive.  At just over £1500, I couldn’t justify saving up to buy them for the amount I would use them, plus they were silver and crystal which, although beautiful, wouldn’t fit in with my theme so I think I was getting a case of magpie eye rather than looking at them level headed!

I was picking up a parcel from Next when I saw their mink crackle range.  I couldn’t believe that I could get a ceiling light, floor lamp, two bedside table lights and a string of feature lights all for just over £150!  I ordered the set and a few days later they arrived.

I bought two of the small crackle glass bedside table lamps which have a gorgeous antique light gold satin look shade with a mink crackle glass base as well as the tall floor lamp in exactly the same style (oh and that purple box you can see in the photo is actually a linen basket from Ikea).  I also bought the ceiling pendant light which is like a dome ball in the same mink coloured crackle glass style.  These all really compliment the antique brass of my bed frame and our curtain pole and tie backs. See, matchy matchy.

I then bought some cream peony flower string lights and initially I thought I would wind these around the top of the bed frame but I have ended up putting them around my dressing table mirror as this looked so feminine and pretty.  They’re excellent quality and look so beautiful.  Using line lights like these really helps to bring a bit of soft lighting and a feminine touch to a bedroom, I’d really recommend them.

10. Accessories are key

My final tip is to decorate your room using accessories.  If you’ve opted for paint on your walls over a busy wall paper then adding wall art can really change the theme of a room and really help you to put your stamp on it.

Having pictures up on the walls really adds a personal touch to any home.  I really wanted to have photos up of those I love as well as some gorgeous artwork so I have a gallery style frame on the wall with lots of friends and family photos in it and then I have some larger canvas prints.

I found the most perfect spot for a square canvas in my room and the gold poppy canvas from Breeze fit the bill perfectly.  It looks absolutely incredible in my room, as the metallic really gives it some depth and it stands out, particularly at night with my bedside table lights on.  However this is an area that you can really save on.

Rather than go to expensive shops, I would really recommend checking out places like B & M Home Bargains as they often have EXTREMELY similar pieces as Next and some of the department stores for a fraction of the price.  Source good quality, expensive looking pieces at a low cost and you can change your room around more often.  It is also a good idea to get some storage boxes.  I have some big ones from Ikea that go underneath my bed that I keep my spare bedding, throws, pillows and room decoration in when I’m not using them.

Wall canvas from Next

I also bought this set of prints from Next.  They read ‘dance as if no one were watching,’ ‘love as if you have never been hurt’ and ‘sign as if no one were listening’ which is a poem that I absolutely love.

Crackle Glass Lamp from Next

My best friends mam is absolutely awesome at arranging faux flowers so when I bought this vase I knew I was going to get her to help me to put together a floral arrangement.  Well, when I say help me, I mean do it for me.  She’s fantastic and just has a much better eye for these things than I do.  The vase is a crackle vase from Next in a gold colour and all of the faux flowers are from Dunelm Mill.  I have put this on a tall table in the corner of our room.  Using mirrored pieces helps to reflect light and faux flowers create a lovely backdrop for photographs if you’re a blogger like I am.

Crackle glass tea light holders from Next and flameless candles from Ebay

I also got a pack of three tea light holders from Next in the same style crackle glass as the vase to go along my window sill.  I bought a pack of 12 LED tea lights to go in them from this seller on Ebay.  I much prefer flameless candles to real tea lights as I am always on edge when I have real candles lit.  I’m so terrified of fire I wont leave the room if there is a lit candle in it as I’m frightened it’ll set alight and burn my whole house down.  Perhaps a little farfetched there but I remember watching an episode of 999 as a child where a woman had left a few tea lights in her bath and they burnt through and caused this huge fire yada yada yada and that scared me for life.  Anyway, I digress.  the point is, buy inexpensive, soft lights and you’ll create warmth and atmosphere in any room, plus the votives look lush when they candles aren’t on.

I also got a crackle glass plate in the same colour, again from Next, to put decorative balls and pot pourri on.  This is to go on the top of a chest of drawers.  I got a bag of the Bloom Creative Florals Decorative Balls in scented vanilla from B and M Home Bargains.  These look really pretty on the dish but they don’t give off a lot of scent at all.

I would really suggest choosing an air freshener, diffuser or room spray to give your room a signature scent.  As well as keeping your room smelling fresh, it can also help you to sleep too as if you only use that scent in your bedroom then you’ll soon associate that scent with relaxation and going to sleep.  To give our room a gorgeous scent, we opted for the Next Luxury Reed Diffuser in Florence.  This is to go on the top of a tall chest of drawers as it acts as a decorative piece as well as a room fragrance.  Florence is my favourite scent from the Next luxury range and although these are pretty pricey at £20 they last for absolutely AGES- much longer than they say on the bottle that they’re supposed to last and they smell fantastic, providing you keep turning the reeds.  I got my best friend one of these for her living room and she always comments on how fantastic it smells, her birthday was last April and it is still going strong now, so I’d definitely recommend checking them out.

That’s it for my top tips for redecorating your bedroom.  It’s a bit of a long one but I spent that long saving to redecorate my room that I don’t think I could have ever squashed it all into a short and sweet post!

Are you busy redecorating your home?  Let me know if you have any tips in the comments below!


  1. Kira Walker
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    Amazing post, I had to move back into my parents a few years back so my bedroom is my sanctuary. I must admit I didn't spend that much on my bedding, but my dorma pillows and duvet are the most comfortable bedding I've ever encountered. I'm a big fan of nice lighting, it really does make a room transform 🙂

    • WhatLauraLoves
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      Thanks for your comment Kira and for reading my post. 🙂 xxx

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