Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Your Hand Luggage & Suitcase

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Winter is a perfect time for a holiday- whether you’re chasing the sun or throwing yourself into the snow for skiing or snowboarding – it’s a great chance to escape.  Perhaps you want some calm before Christmas or like to have something to look forward to when January hits to beat the winter blues.  I love going away at this time of the year because I’m not a fan of the cold and its always so busy for me with work in the run up to Christmas that I love a January break in the sunshine!  I love to feel my best when I travel; I like to take really relaxing products with me and ones to look after myself so that I return feeling really pampered and renewed.

In todays blog post, I thought I’d share a few little things that you could pack with you for your next trip that could make the world of difference to your journey and holiday.

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Whether you are taking a long-haul or an early morning flight, cleaning your skin is an essential beauty step that can instantly give you the refresh feeling you need.  Aside from the awakening benefits, cleansing your skin is so important to keep your skin clean and free from impurities, dirt and makeup.  I don’t like to wear makeup when I fly and if I’m going to a hot destination then I’ll hardly wear make up while I’m there either but I’ll ALWAYS keep my skin clean.

Some people like to recommend face wipes for travel and there are some useful guides out there that can help you choose the right face wipes for your needs.  I personally don’t like to use face wipes as I don’t think that they cleanse your skin thoroughly but sometimes when I am travelling and confined to liquid limits, I’ll take them as a way of freshening up during a flight or to take the thick of my makeup off while I’m away before going in for a proper cleanse over the skin.

Rather than face wipes, my suggestion would be to take the Olay Daily Facial Cloths with you when you travel.  I’ve been using these since the summer and can confirm how amazing they are!  They’re 5-in-1 dry cloths that activate when they’re held under warm water.  Simply wet and squeeze to release the lather; theres a cleanser of sorts built into the cloths that really effectively cleans the skin and each one can be used twice during the same cleanse which enables you to cleanse once to remove makeup and a second time to clean.  They’re brilliant if you’re going away with hand luggage only as they don’t count towards any liquid allowances!

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Travelling to new places can do so much good for you, but sadly your skin may suffer during the journey especially as the air conditioning on aeroplanes can be so drying. Make sure to pack some hand and body lotion to help fight against dry skin. Neom Organics offer a fantastic range of products; they use natural ingredients, so it can do your well-being some good, as well as your skin. You’ll find a product which will suit your needs – so get ready to take your pick.

The Neom Daily Superskin Body Oil is one of my favourites as its an amazing way to nourish your skin both while you’re away and while you’re travelling to your destination.  It contains safflower oil, jojoba, argan oil and a blend of natural extracts including rose and elderberry to nourish, soothe and moisturise the skin.  Infused with Vitamins A, E and F, it also helps to protect against skin damage.  Plus, it smells incredible and instantly gives me a boost!  Simply buy a big bottle to keep at home and decant some into a travel friendly container to take with you while you’re away!


A toothbrush and mini toothpaste may not be the most glamorous of beauty essentials, but if Marie Claire deem them to be worthy then I definitely do.  When you’re on board your long-haul flight, you’ll be so thankful you’ll have packed a toothbrush.  It can quickly freshen up your mouth and make you feel that little bit cleaner on the plane.  Just remember to make sure your toothpaste is less than 100ml, otherwise you won’t be able to take it with you.  I always go to the travel sized section of Boots to pick mine up before I fly, its so handy that theres one at the airport incase you forget!


A spritz or roll on of deodorant can act as an immediate refreshing boost when you’re travelling.  It’s simple but it will certainly do the job until you’ve next got access to a shower.  You can even buy cleansing wipes that are designed for the body too so if you can find some of these in the shops then grab them as they’ll come in so handy.  That way you can have a quick wipe down and a spray and you’ll be feeling so much more fresh!  Don’t forget to check with the airline about their carry on liquid or aerosol allowance policy though and adapt the product formulas that you buy to suit.  


Lip balm is a small and simple item to pack, but it brings so many benefits with it.  Whether you’re setting off for sun or snow, lip balm is a must.  Make sure you pick one with a good SPF to protect your lips in the sunlight – even in a snowy mountain you’re exposed to other elements.  For night and while travelling, opt for a really nourishing lip balm; the rose lip balm that I reviewed in this post is one of my favourites as it leaves my lips ridiculously soft and nourished!  I actually have a miniature that I use for travel that I got in one of those Cosmetic Beauty Boxes.

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Of course it goes without saying that when I travel, I like to take some luxe products with me so that I can pamper myself while I’m away and come home feeling even more fabulous.  Neom Organics have a fab range of travel candles which are a real treat to buy to take away with you.  I used to spend a fortune in hotel spas when I would go away but now I like to take my own candle with me, pop on some spa music on my phone and give my partner a massage and vice versa.  The Neom body oil that I talked about above is great for that and a little goes a long way.  We’re saving to buy our first home together so taking products with us means that we’re able to still enjoy a massage without paying the high prices that hotels can charge.

Another product that’s great for relaxation is the Neom Organics Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam.  If you know that your hotel or the place where you’re staying has a bath, buy a bottle of this before you go and decant some into a smaller, travel friendly container.  It is ultra relaxing and the perfect way to soak in a warm bath after a long flight to ease you off to the land of nod, beating jet lag and waking the next day feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your holiday!

I’m heading to Belfast later this month and to Benidorm for a few days early next year for a hen do but apart from that, I don’t actually have any holidays booked in.  I can’t wait to book a week away with my boyfriend for the summer time.  I don’t like my feet to stay in one place for too long!


What are your travel essentials?  What are the extra beauty bits you take with you when you travel?

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