Top 5 Tips For Choosing & Wearing Plus Size Denim


If I were to create a plus size fashion capsule wardrobe, denim jeans would be one of the first items I’d pick out.  They’re a wardrobe staple because they’re can be dressed down for casual weekends spent shopping and dressed up for nights out with a killer pair of heels, a smart top and a clutch bag.

The key is to find a style that suits you and fits you well but that can be quite tricky, especially if you’re very disproportionally shaped like I am.  So many women struggle to find denim that fits them perfectly as a lot of the time jeans end up being too tight where they don’t want them to be and too baggy in other areas.

I used to always find that when I buy plus size jeans to fit my tummy, they end up being huge on the legs.  To some extent, that will always be the case because that is how I am shaped however over the years I have honed my skills and become better at finding plus size denim to suit me.  Its those tips that I want to share with you today.

1. Try out skinny jeans

My first piece of advice is to try on a pair of skinny jeans.  So many curvy women shy away from them, thinking that they’re designed for much slimmer women but that isn’t the case at all.  Everyone can wear and feel fabulous in a pair of skinny jeans, especially those who have the same struggles as I do with the legs on jeans being too big and the waist and hips being too small.

Skinny jeans are tapered down so that the legs are slimmer as they get towards the ankle.  If you’re much larger around your tummy than your legs like I am, then you’ll often find that skinny jeans are a great option for you because they’ll not be as baggy around the legs.

I have some pairs of skinny jeans that really are skinny and aren’t baggy on the legs at all and I have some that fit more like straight leg jeans but either way, they look really great.  Its all about trying on lots of different styles and finding which ones work best for you.

2. Don’t forget sister styles!

If denim jeans had sisters, they’d be jeggings and denim look leggings, neither of which should ever be over looked.  The great thing about these two types of bottoms is that they’re both stretchy (the latter more so than the former) and they both have elasticated waists.  This often means that you’re able to fit into a particular size more comfortably than you would in jeans which can sometimes push you into sizing up because their waistbands offer very little elastic in the waistband.

Denim look leggings in particular are fantastic for if you’re looking for a jean style to tuck into long boots, as they’re super stretchy but much more of a close fit on the legs.

3. Try out different washes
Jeans are available in a whole range of different colours and washes.  If you’re not feeling particularly confident about them, start with an easy-to-wear dark wash in indigo blue or black, in one solid colour.  These will be so versatile in your wardrobe and can be worn with a multitude of different outfits.  Plus these shades are traditionally considered to be the most flattering, if that’s something you’re interested in.

However I’m very much a believer in wearing what you think looks great and works well with your style.  Jeans in so many different washes and colours suit a huge range of sizes, shapes and ages so just go with the flow and as you enjoy your jeans more and find how easy they are to work into your wardrobe, branch out and try other washes and colours.

I personally love light wash blue denim and white jeans in the summer with a kaftan and I even like wearing my white jeans in winter with a knitted poncho over the top.


4. Give high waisted a try
There are a number of different cuts when it comes to jeans from low rise to high waisted.  My recommendation would be to try one of each on so that you can see the difference and how the jeans sit on your body.

If you have a lower hanging, mothers apron tummy like I do then high waisted jeans might be your best bet.  I find that they don’t come down or sit at an angle that I find unflattering on my body shape, the way that low rise jeans do, leaving me to feel uncomfortable in them all day.  Instead the high waisted ones tend to pull me in, smooth over my tummy which I love and look like a much better fit on my shape.

5. Shop around
Never be disheartened when shopping for denim.  Every shop online and on the high street that I can possibly think of sells denim so if you head into one shop to try on a pair of jeans and they’re not the best fit for you or if you don’t feel completely happy in them, then leave them and try another store.

Shopping around will not only enable you to find the right jeans for you but you may also find some other gems in the shops you go into that you wouldn’t have picked up before!

What are your tips for buying and wearing denim?

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