Top Effective Solutions That will Help You Stop Snoring

Snoring is never good, especially when sleeping next to someone – it can disturb their sleep and that’s just not okay. Thankfully there are many ways that can lessen this habit or even completely get rid of it. Here are top solutions that will help you stop snoring! 

Why do people snore?

When we are sleeping, our body is usually completely relaxed, allowing the tissues in our thoughts to get relaxed and loosen up. Snoring is actually caused by the air that flows past those relaxed tissues and muscles creating the harsh and often strange sounds. Whilst some people can get used to snoring, it’s not as simple and naive as that, snoring can be an indicator for other problems as well. Obese people are more likely to snore, as well as those who have mouth and nose problems, which cause them to inhale and exhale differently, Also snoring can be an indicator of an obstructive sleep apnea or in other words blocked airways. So it’s important to distinguish the cause of snoring in order to fix the problem. 

Different causes

Sometimes, the cause of snoring can determine the right solution – for instance, people who sleep on their backs are more likely to snore than those who sleep on their side. If you experience snoring while your mouth is opened, the problem is connected to the relaxed tissues in your throat, whilst if you are snoring with a closed mouth the placement of your tongue can cause the rumbling sound as well.

For those with sleep apnea, sleeping using CPAP machines is highly recommended to reduce the chances of snoring. Make sure to choose a reputably safe brand though so you don’t end up like those injured by a recalled Philips CPAP machine
Lastly, if you experience snoring in all positions, it can be a bigger problem that needs to be solved in the long run.

How to stop snoring

Whilst snoring is not dangerous in most cases, it’s more detrimental for people who are sleeping next to you. Thankfully there are easy ways to fix this problem or at least make snoring a rare occurrence in your sleeping regime! 

Change positions

As mentioned, snoring can be caused by different sleeping positions – some people prefer to sleep on their left side, whilst some prefer to sleep strictly on their backs. It can be a difficult habit to change, but if it means that you won’t snore anymore it’s definitely worth trying! Also getting a better pillow might help a bit by adjusting your body in a way to make airlines more open! 

Get an anti-snoring gadget

There are actually nifty gadgets you can use in order to solve your snoring problem. As you can see from this website there are plenty of options to choose from, as they come in all shapes and sizes. From mouthpieces to neck braces – it all depends on what’s more comfortable for you and the level of snoring you have to combat. These items are created solely to help with snoring problems in a quick and easy way – definitely see all the options and choose the best thing for you!

Treat your allergies

People who have chronic allergies are more likely to have breathing problems that can cause snoring. If possible, try finding a cure or a treatment for your allergies, change up your bedroom and turn it into a hypoallergenic space. Also get rid of any unnecessary tapestries and animal fur in your bedroom, as it can make your allergies worse while you are asleep. Go to your doctor and seek advice, especially if you are not yet diagnosed with chronic allergies, this might just be your solution! 

Correct your deviated septum

If your snoring is pretty bad, it’s good to check with your doctor if your nose structure is okay or not. Actually, a lot of people have issues with breathing caused by septum deviation – this can automatically cause snoring. While you’ll probably need to get surgery, once your deviated septum is fixed, you won’t have to worry about snoring, and your breathing will get better overall! Even if you are not sure if your septum deviates, a quick checkup at the doctor will determine if that’s the case or not – better be safe than sorry!

Stop smoking

Smoking is another problem that can cause snoring – whilst it’s not directly connected, smoking causes breathing problems, it damages the lungs, throat, and tongue which are all used in the process of snoring. Lowering your smoker per day or completely quitting is probably the best thing you can do for yourself – and for your snoring problem! 

At the end of the day, snoring is such a widespread problem, a lot of people have to deal with it no matter how old or young they might be. So there is no shame in finding help and looking for ways to stop this problem!

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