Top Fashion Design Colleges in the USA in 2023

Despite what many can say, fashion design is as popular now as it was decades ago. This is a stable industry with a market cap worth billions. It provides ample job opportunities and a variety of possibilities for finding work. Working as a freelancer or employed by a fashion design agency, the field has something to offer to all. Let’s see what the top fashion design colleges in the USA are in 2023. 

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Why Study Fashion Design? 

Fashion design is not for everybody. Many simply do not understand what can be done in the field and think that selling and designing clothes will be the only thing there is to be done. Many fashion schools have produced tons of familiar names and are very likely to help you reach stars, but only if you are brave enough to apply and go with them. 


As these programs are very popular, the competition is very high as well. If you are a creative person and you believe that you could make a name for yourself in the industry, you should contact LetsGradeIt. Here, you will be able to find solutions and platforms that can help you write an unbeatable application letter and send it to the desired fashion college. This way, you will increase your likelihood of getting accepted and getting to study what you want to. 

What Can I Do with a Fashion Design Degree? 

However, even before you apply for a University like this, you should be able to understand what you can do with a degree like this. Fashion design does not stop at designing floral dresses and suits. Quite on the contrary, the field expands to also include: 


  • Furniture design, 
  • Event design, 
  • Interior design (to an extent or with a joint degree), 
  • Fashion writing, 
  • Digital arts, etc. 


With this in mind, it is not difficult to see why the field is prospective and why it enables you a wide range of available specializations and future professional callings to choose from. Being a fashion writer enables you to work on your own or even open your writing agency. This alone is worth a lot, as it truly sets free your creative potential. With this in mind, let’s check out the top Universities and Colleges with Fashion Design Degrees in the USA in 2023: 


Washington University in St. Louis 

Washington University in St. Louis offers a 4-year fashion design program. It limits your possibilities and offers a very high-quality education. The acceptance rate of 16% may be very low for many, but this is one of the offsets of a great degree that screams ‘success’. The tuition fees are moderately high, at $27,000. 


Purdue University 

Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, offers a 4-year degree in fashion design. It has an overall Niche Grade of A+ and a high acceptance rate of 67%. It is also cheaper than Washington University in St. Louis, at $12,300 per year. You are required to have the SATs between 1170-1420 to be considered. 


University of Maryland – College Park 

The University of Maryland – College Park – also offers a 4-year degree in fashion design. The University itself is a great investment, as it provides a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary in the field. The moderately high acceptance rate of 51% and low tuition fees of $17.000 per year go well hand in hand. 


Michigan State University 

The Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI, offers a 4-year degree in fashion design. The university has a high acceptance rate of 76% and a low net price of tuition of $16,500 per year. You will need somewhat lower SATs, in the 1100-1300 range. 


Indiana University – Bloomington 

Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, is one of the highest-accepting universities on our list. There is an 80% chance of being accepted for its 4-year program in fashion design. The tuition fees are low at $13,000, and the SAT range you need to display is 1120-1350. Needless to say, the University got an A Niche Grade.


Final Remarks 

Fashion design is a varied field that enables many to seek their creative potential and unlock a sea of possibilities that are before them. Fashion design is becoming a more popular thing to study, especially with new developments in the field: eco-conscious design, green design, and natural design are all fields that are stemming as we speak. They all need fresh fashion design graduates to see what can be done in the field. 


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