Top tips for maximising space in a studio flat

Are you a landlord who rents out a studio flat? Or perhaps you’ve bought one to live in yourself? In any case, you may be searching for ways to maximise the space in this compact accommodation. Whilst making a studio flat seem spacious can be challenging due to integrating the living room, bedroom, and kitchen into a single room, there are tricks and techniques you can use to make the space seem roomier.


Invest in furniture with inbuilt storage


When deciding how to furnish a studio flat, it’s usually best to opt for furniture with inbuilt storage. For example, you could choose an ottoman bed which has storage underneath it or a coffee table with drawers. Multi-purpose furniture pieces like these maximise the space and provide extra room to hide any clutter. Keeping clutter out of view can instantly make a space seem bigger.


Install a mini kitchen


Mini kitchens are tailor-made for studio flats. Otherwise known as kitchenettes, they are ideal for very small spaces which don’t allow for a full-sized kitchen. A mini kitchen is small and compact enough to fit comfortably into a studio flat, yet it comes with all the necessary facilities for cooking and preparing meals. At Elfin, we supply a wide range of mini kitchens to fit rooms where space is limited. Our kitchens can come with hobs, an oven, microwave, refrigerator, sink and plenty of storage to keep culinary clutter to a minimum.


Choose wall lighting fixtures


Light can really open up a small space, making it feel substantially bigger. However, in a studio flat, it doesn’t make sense to take up valuable floor space with big standing lights. A better alternative is wall lighting fixtures, which can help to create a bright and airy room without stealing any space. Install them around the room to spread the light evenly and avoid dark corners and recesses. 


Consider the floor plan carefully


The location of your furniture in your studio flat can have a huge impact on how small or big the space looks and feels. Moving the bed to the rear of the room or underneath a window can help to create more space, whilst shifting large pieces, such as sideboards or tables, against a wall can create a larger, more open space in the middle of the room. Of course, where you place furniture in your studio flat will largely depend on where the kitchen is installed, as well as any other fitted furniture.


Use the room’s height


Since space is so limited in a studio flat, it makes sense to maximise the height of the room. These flats tend to have standard ceilings which can fit the majority of tall cabinets. So, instead of opting for a wide sideboard to showcase your ornaments, it’s best to opt for a tall bookcase instead. This will utilise the height of the room rather than the floor space. 


For stylish and durable mini kitchens ideal for studio flats, contact our friendly team today.


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