Top Trends That Are Redefining Summer Travel In 2021

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Although summer travel is back, it isn’t going to be the same like you’ve known. People will have to wear masks for their flights and even during indoor functions, as the pandemic isn’t going to vanish overnight. With an estimated 41% of Brits planning for trips this year, several promising trends are set to highlight the return of travels. Here are some top travel trends you should expect to dominate this summertime travel. 

Health and hygiene protocols will remain

It is understandable why health and hygiene was the primary travel concern in 2020. Even with vaccination rolling out, health and hygiene protocols related to the pandemic will stay. With the industry seeking to reassure travellers that booking is safe once again, expect hygiene efforts to be unabated. A trend report suggests that four in every five travellers will make accommodation choices based on the implementation of pandemic safety protocols. This is an indication that customer health and wellness will be a feature of marketing. 

A surge in staycations and trips to lesser-known locations 

With the easing lockdown restriction, travellers can explore their backyard a bit more. Fortunately, there are many places to see in the UK. From the English Moors to the Welsh beaches and Scottish Highlands, there are tons of destinations that aren’t so far from home. With the expected increase in staycations, travellers will most likely explore less populated and lesser-known locations to avoid the crowd. Some properties and private island islands will be the most preferred as many will embark on purpose-driven vacations to improve physical and mental health. 

The birth of Vaxications

Vaccinated individuals treat themselves with trips to see family, companions or visit locations that they couldn’t head out to without getting injected. Destinations such as Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean are, for the most part, getting flooded by fully-vaccinated explorers who have earnestly waited for the holiday escapes. Summer is fast approaching and breaks away from everything that has happened since the pandemic is overdue.  

Road trips will stay popular

Open road summer travels will remain popular among most travellers this vacation. Many will prefer going by car to escape various rules regarding air travel and many testing protocols for departing and returning to the country. Road trips will be an easier route, particularly for families with kids yet to be vaccinated. However, suppose you favour airlifting your family to your vacation destination. In that case, there are credible immigration service providers to facilitate the processes for a smooth vacation experience.

Embracing simplicity 

The pandemic has emphasised the importance of appreciating the simple things in life. This best explains why many people are looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation in 2021. Relaxation and hiking will dominate the travel trend soon as more travellers will prioritise good outdoor time with their family, friends and loved ones. Studies have shown many travellers looking to bury themselves outdoors rather than off the beaten track and rural destinations. 

The pandemic has brought changes and facilitated the emergence of new trends. Hopefully, you’ll familiarise yourself with these trends as you plan your next trip.

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