Top UK Bedroom Furniture Online Retailers

When you move into a new home or are redecorating your current place, choosing where to buy your bedroom furniture from can be a minefield. There are so many places to choose bedroom furniture from, but where should you start?

Your bedroom should be a place of rest and sanctuary where you can get a great nights sleep but its also a place where most need to store their clothes and many of their personal belongings so storage is important too. This post will share the top UK bedroom furniture online retailers to make your online shopping that little bit easier.


For storing your clothes, accessories and even shoes, a big fitted wardrobe is ideal because you can organise everything once and then keep it tidy so there’s no longer clothes lying around creating a floordrobe. Better still, if you can get one with sliding doors like the sliding wardrobe with synchro doors from Instrument Furniture then you’ll be saving space as well as keeping your space tidy too.


According to research by Dreams, the average adult spends 12, 045 days of their life in bed, either asleep or trying to drift off to the land of nod. With that in mind, a good quality bed, mattress and bedding is essential. Many websites exist now where you can create your own bed which is ideal for those who need extra storage as they can opt for an ottoman style with plenty of under bed storage while still maintaining the stylish look they want.


Some people have an incredible eye for home design whereas some prefer to be able to buy a full look in one go. Perhaps you’re trying to save on time or maybe you’d rather have someone else decide what looks good together. Either way, full bedroom furniture ranges are easy to order online that’ll transform your space in a few clicks with bedside tables, wardrobes, chests of drawers and ottomans. Just make sure you measure up properly first and shop around to find the style that’s within your budget.


When many grow up and get their first home, each room does tend to largely consist of affordable Ikea home furniture and decor buys. Simplistic, some might say basic, but incredibly functional and if you’re interior design savvy, you can upcycle them to create something completely different. Sites like Etsy often have frames that you can stick to the front of the Malm drawers and they look fantastic, so effective!  The Vittsjö shelving unit in particular looks brilliant if you take the glass out and spray paint the black metal frame gold.  Then all that’s left to do is to choose some ornaments and coffee table books to style it up with!


For those who love the look of quirky, mismatched furniture then you cannot go wrong with Urban Outfitters.  Their bedroom furniture ticks all the right boxes whether you’re looking for a vanity mirror or a nightstand in wood, rattan, wicker or metal.  Plus they have the most awesome room dividers and style accessories.


Perhaps the most popular on trend place to shop online though has to be Made.  They have everything that you could need to kit out your bedroom whether you’re looking to create a serene and peaceful feel, something quirky and retro or a plush hotel room look.  The bedroom lighting from Made in particular is a wise choice if you are wanting quality that will stand the test of time.


Choosing bedroom furniture may seem like a time consuming task but if you take your mission online, you’ll find it so much quicker and easier to find a whole new bedroom look as many of the top UK bedroom furniture retailers are online.

Where did you purchase your bedroom furniture from? What style did you opt for? Tell all in the comments below!

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