Turning Your Living Room Into A Chic Place To Be

‘Chic’ is a french term, and when we think of it as a style, we think of Paris and it’s unique blend of the old and the new. So, when it comes to applying a similar style to your home, what can you do? Well, with the tips below, they should give you a bit of an idea.  You deserve to have an interior you’re proud of, and feel comfortable in, and it’s never a bad idea to bring a little more character into your home! 

Living room

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The chic style loves to have a bit of texture to it, and that means changing out your gently painted and pastel coloured walls for a bit of texture and bright wallpaper! Something in a pink or a blue or a green would work best for any and all homes, as long as there’s a bit of texture and print to the wallpaper in question. 

After all, you want to have a bit of a traditional base to work with, and when we think of old Paris we think Victorian chandeliers and wallpapers only your Grandmother would love! But with the right modern stylings layered on top, you’re going to love the textures involved too.

For your furniture, dressing it up with durable chic upholstery fabrics will do wonders. You can achieve the texture you want by choosing the suitable type of fabric. You can choose leather or velvet for that classic luxurious impression. You can add linen or silk. It is up to you as long as the texture builds the ambiance you desire.


The chic style is all about pairing modern items with more traditional decor, and you should remember that when trying to fit this style into your living room. For example, if you have a coffee table in the centre of your room, with sofas flanking it either side, and the sofas are block colour, more modern looking pieces, the table needs to be old and traditional. Indeed, something made of wood, with prospering varnishing, and in a darker tone like mahogany, would be best suited here. 


As noted above, the chic style originated in France, and thus, it’s time to take a leaf out of their book. But instead of throwing a bit of french style around your room, think about highlighting the decorations you already have with some smaller, attention catching french features. 

For example, your windows are going to be a big eye draw already, so why not fit and frame them with some french style curtain poles? You can hang whatever drapes you want from these, with the knowledge that the entire structure has a very natural and chic feel to it. And for the rest of the room, make sure you’re using chic style cushion covers for your sofa, or chic style vases to decorate that bookshelf in the corner. Just look for areas where highlights feel natural, and then go all out with your chic decorations!

Your living room could be the very nucleus of the chic style, as long as you know where to mix and match your patterns, and how the old and the new can go hand in hand. Think about Paris, think about how stylish it can be, and work up from there.

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