Unique Places You Must Visit in Zagreb

The first countries that people usually think of when holidays in Europe are discussed are Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany and the United Kingdom. However, there are many more European countries that can excite people with their history, culture and natural beauty. Croatia is one of them. 

Croatia is a small country in the south of Europe. It borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina while the Adriatic Sea touches its western coastline. 

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. It is in the northwestern part of the country. Zagreb is also the largest city in the country. Going there you will see that it is the one with the greatest attractions. You will need at least a couple of days in order to get to the most significant ones. If you have a car, you will be able to save some time and maybe even visit its outskirts or other cities in the vicinity. Hiring a car with Enjoy Travel guarantees that you will receive a modern car that will make your trips from one spot to another short and convenient. Not to mention that you will get to choose from the most economical offers. So where should you drive to? 

  • Gradec and Kaptol

Back in the mediaeval times, Zagreb had two distinct centres, Gradec and Kaptol. Unfortunately, people from these two neighbouring city centres did not get along well. Thankfully they merged together in 1851 and Zagreb was able to expand further. However, they are both important spots in today’s Zagreb as they add a quaint touch to the modern city. To be more exact, the cobblestone streets and the St. Mark’s Church in the Gradec area remind people that mediaeval craftsmen and tradesmen used to walk in the same streets. Similarly, the Zagreb Cathedral in Kaptol is evidence of both the religious and political importance of Zagreb throughout the centuries.

  • The Statue of Marija Jurić Zagorka

Characterised by many as one of the most beautiful streets in Zagreb, Tkalčićeva is where all the trendy and cool cafes and restaurants are. The greatest attraction of the area is the statue of Marija Jurić Zagorka. She is one of Croatia’s most celebrated figures because she was the first female journalist. Not only did her articles appear in newspapers during a time when women were not fully incorporated and appreciated in work environments but also she created the first women’s magazine in Croatia. Her writing was not solely about politics but she also wrote short stories and novels. 

  • Museum of Broken Relationships

A museum like no other in the world, the Museum of Broken Relationships, helps heartbroken people recover by sharing both their failed love stories and an item of their exe with the world and the museum. You will get to read short descriptions about big but unsuccessful stories of great passion. People from all over the world can contribute to the museum’s collection.

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