Vintage DSLR Satchel Review

Holiday snap in the Maldives

When I’m out walking with Mr WLL, whether its in the UK or when we travel abroad, we love to take our DSLR camera out with us to snap photos of the scenery and the things we’ve seen on our travels.  There’s something about capturing memories as they’re happening that I just love.  We like to take care of our camera, which is really important particularly when walking around and travelling as it could easily be damaged, so we opt for a secure, padded case to carry it around in and always use the strap around our neck when using it.

The case we’re using to carry our camera in at the moment is the JWF London Vintage DSLR Satchel.

JWF London Vintage DSLR Satchel

The JWF London Vintage Satchel is a two in one satchel in that it can be used as a carry case for a DSLR camera or the padded inside of the case can be removed to use it as an everyday bag.  Personally I’d only use it as a camera bag and I think that it works very well for this purpose.

When it comes to choosing a camera bag, I look for something that is going to protect my expensive camera first and foremost and if it’s stylish too, then that’s a bonus.  I love the vintage look of this satchel and the tan colour of the PU leather is right up my street.  The tan look really is gorgeous and very synonymous with vintage styling.

More importantly, the carry case is well padded.  It has a soft inner that is padded and removable and it is very soft which really stops the camera from getting scratched.  This means that it should protect the camera inside if it is dropped… although I must admit, I haven’t dropped the camera and case yet to check and I’m not planning on testing that out anytime soon!

A quick snap in the Maldives

The vintage style satchel has a long adjustable strap which enables the bag to be worn either on the shoulder, as I prefer, or across the body.  It is really comfortable to carry, regardless of whether my camera is inside it or not and the strap doesn’t tend to dig into my neck either.

The bag fastens closed with a magnetic popper which is great because it allows you to get inside the bag to retrieve your camera quickly, if for example you see something moving that you want to get a snap of, but it does feel a little too easy to open.  I think for my own peace of mind I’d have preferred something that zips around inside to ensure that if even the popper came undone then there wouldn’t be a chance of my camera falling out.

Size wise, the satchel is 23cm x 20cm x 15cm so it is big enough to fit the majority of DSLR cameras inside.  There are two pockets in addition to the main compartment in this satchel- one at the front which has a soft lining that I tend to keep my cleaning cloth and lens cap in and one at the back that has a magnetic popper closure and soft lining that I tend to keep my spare battery and memory cards in.

If you were to remove the lining and use this as an everyday bag then you could carry your mobile phone safely in either of these pockets.

It’s worthwhile nothing that there aren’t any pockets for additional lens pockets like some more traditional camera cases so depending on the size of your camera, you may be able to fit spare lenses down the side of the camera or you may have to carry them separately.

I really love how the case retains its shape and is well structured.  This is a really smart looking bag and at £44.99 from JWF Consumer Electronics Ltd, I think it is a great choice for carrying your DSLR camera in, particularly if you’re a blogger and you might be snapped for an OOTD post!

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  1. Jen - Kitsch N Sync
    October 21, 2013 / 9:23 am

    I love it! I have a massive camera bag I lug around with me (has a great big whacking Nikon logo on it too so I'm a muggers dream!) …perhaps I should buy something prettier & discrete like this!Jen xx

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