Visiting Singapore: Travel Research & Recommendations!

When it comes to travelling, so many of us focus on heading away on beach breaks. We’ll look for the hottest and sunniest place possible with beaches, hotel complexes and all-inclusive packages. This is all good and well. Everyone could do with an opportunity to let their hair down and relax at the poolside for a week or two. But haven’t you ever wanted to travel to actually see the wider world? Travel can often be so much more rewarding when you head to a country you’ve never seen before – experiencing new landscapes, seeing new scenery, encountering new wildlife, tasting different foods, hearing different languages… it’s just all so exciting! So, for your next trip, why not consider venturing to South East Asia? Of course, you’ll probably want to spend a little longer here than you would another kind of vacation. Chances are that it’s going to be a pretty long flight and you will want to make the most of your time there. But it also proves to be a budget-friendly location, which makes staying for a little longer extremely feasible. Now, there are plenty of different wonderful countries you could head to and explore. But for now, let’s focus on Singapore!


The majority of us will have heard of Singapore. But do you actually know all too much about it as a country? Singapore is a world-renowned island city-state. It is located relatively close to Southern Malaysia, so you could even incorporate a trip to Malaysia and Singapore, all in one fell swoop!


Before heading to Singapore, it’s a good idea to book your accommodation. Some people think that they’ll be able to find better offers if they wait until they arrive. But booking in advance secures a roof over your head and ensures that you will be staying somewhere good quality. You don’t want to waste an entire day of your trip finding accommodation when you could be out experiencing this wonderful place! You also don’t want to arrive, only to find that all convenient rooms have been swiped up and that you have to travel somewhere further afield for accommodation. If you want somewhere spacious and comfortable, you can find international plaza details here.


There are plenty of things to do in Singapore. In fact, there are so many fun activities and brilliant sights to see that there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get through absolutely everything in one trip. This is why you need to be selective. Find the things that you want to do the most and put them into an itinerary. This will help to ensure that you head back home feeling fulfilled and happy with your getaway. Here are a couple of popular attractions that you might want to consider!


The Gardens by the Bay are one of the most visited attractions in Singapore. It is a horticultural attraction like no other, spanning over 100 hectares – it’s size alone is truly awe-inspiring! The gardens are maintained and cultivated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals including incredibly skilled landscape designers, horticulturalists, arborists, engineers, plant health specialists, garden and turf management experts, and plant research and orchid breed specialists. When so many people are working on upkeep, you know all of the plants are going to be in prime condition when you arrive. The Gardens by the Bay are composed of three different areas that you can visit. These are Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. Bay South is the largest of the three exhibits – head here if you’re looking for cool conservatories and supertrees. If you’re into your flower displays, check out the Orchid Extravaganza and delicate Blossom Beats. For a tranquil area for relaxation, venture to Bay East. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning view of the Singapore skyline! For the waterfront, look for Bay Central.


If you’re into your film, Universal Studios in Singapore is going to tick all of your boxes. It’s a film and television based theme park on Sentosa Island. There are seven themed zones that host 28 different rides and where you can watch a bunch of different shows. Capture a picture of yourself in front of the Universal Studios logo sculpture! It’ll make for a great travel picture!

As you can see, Singapore has a whole lot to offer the inquisitive traveller. Add it to your travel bucket list and start planning your break. Singapore has so much to offer – you’re bound to love it!

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