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As a parent, it’s only natural to want to display your child’s artwork for all of your guests to see. From finger-painting masterpieces to that stunning macaroni necklace you’ve been wearing for a week, our children’s artwork is a treasured keepsake that deserves to be displayed with pride and kept for years to come. There’s nothing better than showing your teenager the questionably cute art they created as a toddler. Knowing the best ways to keep these delicate pieces safe can be tricky, so let’s look at the various ways you can display your children’s artwork that also keeps it safe!

Frame The Artwork

Let’s start with the most straightforward option, framing your child’s artwork. This is a classic way to display their talent, especially those pieces you love the most. These framed designs can hang anywhere in the house; you could even show them proudly on your living room wall. However, if you are the proud owner of a carefully designed home that follows a particular interior look, you may keep these bright but beautiful creations in your child’s bedroom, where they can proudly see them daily! 

Framing your child’s art should be pretty easy. Knowing the wild imaginations of children, I’m assuming the artwork is bold, colourful and definitely interesting. Opting for black wall frames will give a modern look, complimenting the art well. If you hang multiple pieces, having the black frames will bring the wall together and provide a clean finish without drawing away any attention from the incredible works of art you are showcasing.

Create a Gallery Wall

Following the same vibe as framing the artwork, if you have multiple pieces consisting of different sizes, then building a gallery wall is a great, creative way to show off the art. Start by choosing a prominent wall in your home and gather your child’s favourite pieces of artwork. These do not have to match; that’s the beauty of a gallery wall. You will have a mix of colours, sizes and styles. With the combination of colours and designs, you may want to choose one frame to give the display a cohesive look. A simple black or white frame will make the art pop whilst still looking sophisticated in your home.


Use a Corkboard

Corkboards may be a bit old school, but they are an excellent way to display your child’s artwork. A benefit of choosing this option is giving your little one the freedom to swap out their masterpieces whenever they want. Simply hang a corkboard on the wall and pin your child’s artwork. If you have particular pieces you love, these would be better to hang in a frame to avoid having pin holes in the corners. A corkboard will add a fun element to the display and works best in the child’s bedroom, playroom, or kitchen! (Parents love sticking artwork to the fridge, so why not keep them in the same room but put them on a corkboard to make it more aesthetically pleasing.) Corkboards come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, so I recommend measuring a space on the wall before purchasing one! 


Hang Artwork on a Wire

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to display your child’s artwork, you should consider hanging it on a wire. This is an effective way to showcase more art (because you probably have A LOT of it), and just like the corkboard, it gives your child the freedom to change out the artwork as they make more. This option is a little unique and will most likely be best suited to the children’s bedroom. You can find some fun, colourful pegs online to add that extra unique element to the look too! Another benefit of using this method is the cost, all you will need is some wire, two hooks and some pegs. Start by stringing a piece of wire between two hooks on either side of the wall. You could also hang this up high and go from one side of the room to another. Get your child to help you hang up the first pieces they want to display, and that’s it, you’re done!


Create a Digital Display

If you want to showcase your child’s artwork but don’t have a lot of wall space, a modern way with no limitations on size, amount and how long you keep them for is a digital display. To create a digital display, just take photos of your child’s artwork and upload them to a digital frame or create a slideshow on your computer or tablet. This option is ideal for those who want a clutter-free home whilst keeping memories to look back on in years to come! This is also a completely free way to display this work and is easily adaptable. Your child could even have fun creating the presentation themselves, adding names, descriptions and dates as they add them.

So there we have it, some simple, effective and fun ways to show off the creations your little one makes. By showcasing the artwork by our children not only do we get to celebrate there creativity with them, but we also encourage them to continue expanding their creativity for the future.

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