Ways to Make a Small Room Look & Feel Bigger

Some people wish for a bigger home with bigger rooms and more square footage. Others are happy and content with their small and beautiful spaces. For some the option to size up isn’t an option. There is hope though if you are wanting to make a smaller room look and feel bigger.

If you feel as though you need to stretch out in your small space, there are plenty of décor changes that you can do to make your room feel and look that little bit larger. From the colour you choose and the wallpaper you hang, to the way your furniture is arranged and the “clutter” you may have, use some of these top tips to help create the illusion of more space in your home.  

Bring lighter colours to your walls and ceilings and darker tones to your floors

Create the illusion of more height and space in your living area by changing up your walls and floors. Create the effect of more light by replacing your carpet with some dark wood flooring. By using this as a contrast against some light neutral coloured walls you’ll make your space feel much brighter and more airy.

You can pick up wooden flooring for much cheaper than you used to be able to, and if you have children or pets, wood floor effect tiles may be the perfect option for you! They’re the less expensive option than hard wood flooring and super easy to fit.

Want to make your space feel even brighter? Why not add some stunning white curtains to hang delicately around your windows? Whether you choose crushed velvet pearl for a luxury feel or classic faux suede white, a pair of good quality curtains will help elevate your room and add a layer of class.

Use mirrors to create additional light

We all know that mirrors are a great addition to any area, but they really do help to create so much more light in a room than we think. Although a large mirror is the best option for more or less every home, they tend to be a bit more on the expensive side!

Why not try a cluster of smaller mirrors instead? This will give the illusion of the same amount of light as a larger mirror but will take up a little less space (and less money from your wallet), plus you’ll be able to organise them into whatever quirky shape you like.

Clever shelving to house your accessories

Get your clutter in check and off the floor with the use of clever shelving. By fixing your shelves into place at a relatively high height, you’ll create the impression of a higher ceiling and a more spacious room.

Try keeping your knick-knacks and photographs to a minimum and leave a couple of shelves bare to further emphasise your new found space.

If you’re refreshing your living space, bedrooms or kitchen, give some of these space creating tips a go, you’ll be surprised how much bigger your small room can become!

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