Ways To Update Your Home Without Renovating

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels

As fun as renovating your home can be, it can also be costly and bring on a lot of stress. Renovating or not renovating, we all crave the creature comforts of a cozy – well-designed home. While there are a lot of DIYers who know what a table saw is, what about the people who don’t? Anyone who has done a significant renovation can attest to the unexpected costs and immense mess. How can we make essential home improvements while bypassing major renovations?


With many people spending more time in their households and working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, looking at your house constantly makes you hate it. One of the easiest things you can do to update your home without breaking the bank is decluttering! Use skip hire and get rid of everything you don’t want or need. Or even sell it, or donate to charity! A decluttered house makes for a decluttered mind, and you will notice an immediate difference.

Cabinetry – Update Drawer and Door Handles

Nothing dates your kitchen and bathrooms more than old-fashioned, worn, and dirty handle pulls and knobs. Updating the drawer and door handles is a simple trick that can give your kitchen and bathroom an uplift. It’s also straightforward to do, go onto Pinterest and get inspired. You could go for a vintage or art deco style, and all that you would need to change are the drawer handles. The design choice is up to you, so get out there and start updating your kitchen and bathroom cupboards today.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

This option never gets old; adding a fresh lick of paint to a house can make an instant difference without breaking the bank. When you repaint all or part of your home, you can choose a new color scheme that you’ll love. This can add some personality to your home and is ideal for changing your home’s appearance. It’s incredible how a new paint color can update your home, and it’s a perfect way to show your design aesthetic without a significant renovation, whether in your kitchen, living room, or bedrooms.

Cushions and Furnishings

Furniture can easily get worn out when used often, making a room look drabby. Marks on sofas and greying of light-coloured upholstery can usually be fixed with a professional clean. It’s a good idea to do an internet search to see a company that services your area and can help you out! Frayed fabrics and scratched leather may be unsalvageable, in which case you have two options: buy a new piece of furniture or refresh your old sofa with a slipcover. Or maybe get new furniture, it may cost a bit but not as much as a renovation! 

As you can see, there are many ways to update your home without the messy overhaul or massive expense of remodeling. So what are the things that bug you, and what can quickly be done about it? All of these minor updates go a long way to renewing your home.

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