Wearing Colourful Clothing and Jewellery: Can It Improve Your Mood?

Depending on cultures and customs, colours may have different meanings to different people. However, there is no doubt that specific colours have predictable effects on people. That is why spending time in nature can be soothing. The light blues, greens, and pastels are calming. In contrast, reds create excitement, while sunny yellow is a mood enhancer. The colours of your clothes and jewellery can subtly impact your attitude, energy level, and sense of well-being. Fortunately, with a little help from fashion experts, anyone can choose a wardrobe and accessories that create the right mood.

1) Use Care When Choosing Energising Red

Red has traditionally been associated with power, vitality, and energy. That is one reason the red power tie has long been a fixture in executive wardrobes. Female executives sometimes wear the color as a contrast to their feminine energy. For a classic, timeless look, unique gold or silver jewelry as seen at pocolocostore.com.au is best to complement your red outfit. Another great way to tone down a bright red piece is to pair it with subtle colors. To make a bold statement, opt for jewellery that makes an impact – such as colorful stones or oversized earrings.  Wearing scarlet jewellery is an easy way to make a statement without creating an overpowering effect. It is easy to find a selection of pieces at online suppliers. For instance, available items at adinasjewels.com include multi-hued rings and crimson accessories.

When choosing red clothing, it is essential to select a shade that flatters your skin tones. Be aware that scarlet is associated with daring, so you are likely to get more attention when wearing the eye-catching color. Red pairs well with white, black, and beige.

2) Cheery Yellow Is a Mood Booster

Professionals at the creativity site brightside.me advise that yellow is the most life-affirming color. It is an excellent choice when you want to create a friendly atmosphere. Even the most difficult people respond to the sunny hue. However, it is another color that may clash with some skin tones. The best way to see how it looks is to try adding yellow accessories. Perhaps wear a yellow skirt, since it won’t affect upper body colours. A necklace, earrings, or bracelet in yellow can add interest, and classic gold is an ideal match for the cheerful shade.

3) Send a Calming Message with Blue

Colours in the blue spectrum are soothing and can lower blood pressure. When you want to de-stress, wear blue tones or choose an environment that includes the color. It’s the hue to wear on a first date to help quiet your nerves. You will also create a more tranquil, positive first impression. If your favourite blue outfit seems a bit dark, pair it with neutral or white accessories. Blue gemstones like sapphires, aquamarines, and topaz can add a dash of blue to any ensemble.

4) Invigorating Green Is Easy to Match

Green is a color that can add energy and induce calm at the same time. There are also shades to complement any skin tone. Accessories should be neutrally coloured. Subdued greens look good with bright jewellery. When in doubt, experiment by adding one or two green elements like a bag, skirt, or even shoes. Add a sparkling accessory to create interest. Per Time Magazine, green peridot or purple amethyst will also lift your spirits.

5) Violet Is a Self-Confident Choice

Delicate though it may be, violet projects self-confidence. Experts recommend wearing it on job interviews. It is a color that can lend very young faces a more sophisticated look and is ideal for livening up clothing. Add a warm look with gold accessories or wear silver jewellery to accentuate clothes’ cool tones.

Jewellery and clothing colours can have a dramatic impact on your mood. While certain shades mean something different to everyone, you can be sure that red adds energy, and yellow creates cheer. Green projects calm and vitality, while blue is soothing. To project an air of confidence, choose shades of violet.

What colour would you love to wear the most?

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