Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream Review

This winter I’ve been trying out the Calendula Face Cream from the Weleda Baby range.  Suitable for adults and bambinos alike, this face cream is 100% natural and contains 96% organic ingredients which work together to protect delicate facial skin against dryness, keeping it super moisturised around the clock.  It has been formulated to be mild enough to use all over the face on babies and infants as well as on adult skin where it is recommended to be used on dry patches of skin.

Weleda have quite a cult celebrity following, with this cream in particular as it is loved by Alexa Chung who recently declared it as her go-to moisturiser, commenting “I think this is meant for babies, but l love using it on my skin as it’s such a great moisturiser. To make my skin glow after I’ve done my make up, I rub this between my palms and lay them on my face for a few seconds…I’m addicted to it. I slather it on morning, noon and night”.  The actress Jessica Alba also regards the Calendula Face Cream as one of her beauty must haves, ‘It’s made for babies, but I use it too!”.  Well, if it’s good enough for you Jess… it’s good enough for me to try…

It comes out as a thick white cream and I find that it needs to be warmed between my fingers slighting to make the application smoother, to ensure that the cream is fully absorbed.  I’d recommend this for dry skin types as it tends to sit on the surface of the skin and takes a while to completely sink in, so it will keep dry skin continually moisturised and nourished.  It is great for days where you aren’t wearing face make up as it is a little too moisturising to provide a good base for make up but this makes it great for days when you’re out and about in the cold, battling the elements.  The cold weather can really take its toll on your skin and this cream really helps to create a barrier to the harsh weather.  I actually find that this makes a lovely hand cream too as it really sinks in deep to the skin and is ridiculously moisturising on the hands.

The Calendula Face Cream retails for £7.95 for a 50ml tube from the Weleda website.

What baby products do you use?

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