Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream

£7.95 for 30ml from the Weleda website

With the snow firmly setting in this week, I have been using products that are designed to protect the skin against the cold.  One such product is the Calendula Weather Protection Cream from the Weleda Baby range.  This product is not just for use on a baby’s skin though as it is loved by adults, celebrities like Jessica Alba and Alexa Chung and make-up artists too who mix it with make up to promote a healthy glow and with lip gloss to create kiss-ably soft lips.

This cream is traditionally applied to the face to act as a barrier to the cold, stopping the skin from becoming red, chapped, sore and dry.  It’s made from pure beeswax and lanolin which, when applied to the skin, forms a natural layer that protects the skin without impairing the skin’s natural functions.  The cream also contains Almond Oil which is known to care for dry skin, making it soft and supple whilst the Calendula flowers it contains help to soothe the skin which is particularly good for cheeks that have been flushed red with the cold.

I have also found this to be good to protect the skin on my body.  Sometimes in the very cold weather the skin on my inner thighs becomes very dry, sore and sometimes I get a raw patch, particularly when I’m wearing jeans.  I don’t know what causes it but it is a frequent occurrence for me when it’s cold and I’m wearing a material that isn’t particularly soft.  I have been applying this to the area of my thigh that this happens to and it has really helped my skin as it hasn’t been as dry as it previously would be.  It sinks into my skin quickly so I can get dressed straight after I’ve applied it and it leaves my skin feeling silky soft.

This cream is £7.95 for 30ml from the Weleda website where at the moment they’re offering free P&P for January.

What are your cold weather hero products?

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