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Now that the kids are back at school, it seems that many of you are taking advantage of the relatively child-free holiday resorts with a break away in the sun; myself included, later in the month.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you some great minis that you can take away with you on your travels.  They’re all from Weleda so if you’re familiar with the brand, you can go away without compromising on your products by taking travel sized versions of your favourites away with you and if you haven’t tried anything from Weleda before then these are a great opportunity to try out something from the range without committing to the full size.

First up are my favourites; their creamy body washes.  Here I have the Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash and the Wild Rose one.  These are absolutely AMAZING.  I’ve spoken about them many times on my blog before because I love them that much!

The body washes are one of Weleda’s best sellers and it is very easy to see why.  Their creamy formula feels incredibly moisturising on the skin but yet they leave the skin feeling very clean at the same time.  The scent of each of them is quite strong when you’re using it and then it lingers faintly on the skin, making it great to layer up with one of the Weleda deodorants that you can also get in miniature form.

Each Creamy Body Wash is 20ml in size.  I find that one of these is plenty for a weekend away so when I’m going on a one week holiday, I take two away with me.  I absolutely hate buying a huge bottle of shower gel and having to throw half of it away at the end of the trip as it is a complete waste of money so I would rather take travel sized bottles like these and throw away the packages completely used up.

Speaking of the Weleda deodorants, the Wild Rose Deodorant is gorgeous which is saying a lot given that I’m not a fan of rose scents.  It is really refreshing as it as a wet spritz style spray rather than a dry deodorant spray.  This is great for making you feel cool and refreshed, especially after getting off an aeroplane or after a long day in the sun.  The Weleda deodorants come in a pump spray bottle rather than an aerosol so they’re perfect for taking on a plane and they’re free from aluminium salts too.

The scent of the deodorant smells quite strongly of roses and that scent lasts on the skin too which is great if you’ve layered the fragrance with complimentary from Weleda.  I have also tried the Citrus Deodorant which I would highly recommend for taking on holidays, particularly if you’re going to a hot country as the citrus scent seems to deter mosquitos.

I love to use body oils while I’m away to hydrate my skin which not only adds moisture back into my sun drenched skin but it also helps to prolong the life of my tan.  The Weleda mini body oils are great for doing this, especially if you want something that is going to absorb quickly, dry fast and leave your skin looking healthy.  The Sea Buckthorn Body Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, Provitamin A and Vitamin E which help to nourish and protect the skin from the environmental elements.  It makes the skin feel soft without leaving a sticky residue on it which is perfect whatever the weather.

The last travel sized product that I have from Weleda is the Birch Cellulite Oil which has been dubbed a travel ‘must have’ by Grazia.  This miracle oil is said to give you smoother and firmer skin after only one month.  While you’ll not get a months use out of this 10ml bottle, it is a great addition to your toiletry bag, especially if you’re someone who usually uses cellulite oil anyway.  This one contains a unique blend of plant extracts and natural plant and essential oils that work together to improve the texture and smoothness of the skin by encouraging it to regenerate.  It smells good too which is always a bonus as no one wants to use a body product that doesn’t smell very nice!

I hope you’ve found some Weleda products there that take your fancy.  They’re each under 100ml so they are perfect for taking onto an aeroplane in your hand luggage and if you’re not flying anywhere, then at least they won’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.  It’s a win, win situation either way!

You can check out their full range of travel size products here.  I love that Weleda sell the travel sized products individually and in various different sets that you can give as gifts or buy for yourself to try out a range of products and save money.

Weleda products are also available from Feel Unique.

Have you already had your holiday this year?  If not, where are you off to on your holidays?

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  1. remie lund
    September 12, 2014 / 7:37 am

    Ooh! I love any beauty product that comes in miniature form! The body oil sounds divine! x

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