What clutch bags are currently in style for this summer?

The right bag is nothing short of a necessity to any outfit, event or trip out of the house. The reason bags are so popular is because not only do they uplift any outfit to make it instantly more stylish (when it’s a great bag, obviously!), but they are just so useful too, especially today. Purse, keys, phone, hand sanitiser, tissues, make up, notepad – whatever goes in yours is what is deemed as your essentials and most of the time, we don’t have pockets big enough! So when you’re choosing a bag, you need to think carefully about what it’s going to be used for. You wouldn’t want a rucksack with a party dress for example or a shoulder bag on a hike! 

Clutch bags are great for many different occasions and have a great choice of styles too. So if you’re looking for clutch bags for sale you are probably wondering which ones are in style this summer. Read on to find out what they are… 


Pale pinks, creams and greys are all beautiful colours…at the right time of year. And now is that time as they look great with all the summer outfits you can wear whilst the weather stays a little warmer and dryer. You’ll have all winter to wear black and have a big black bag to match so stay prettier right now. 


Silvers and golds always look more indulgent somehow, more luxurious. They literally make an outfit stand out even when it’s used simply on the accessories. They are shiny and pretty, making for a great addition to an outfit and can go with so much stuff you will get a lot of use out of a metallic clutch bag! From day to night, festival to chic dinner, these bags will set off your look perfectly. 


Clutch bags are stylish with sleek lines. But sometimes, you need to have the ability to use both arms at once. Fortunately, many clutch bags have a strap which can be tucked discreetly inside when you want to maintain a clutch look. But if you want to free up your appendages, you can turn a simple clutch into a cross-body or shoulder bag in an instant making it more versatile. 


A bit punk rocker, perhaps, but is that such a bad thing? You might want to go for an overall dramatic look or you might prefer to have your bag as an edgy extra to take it down a notch on the femininity scale. Studded bags will support a full outfit in the same style or will contrast perfectly with a floaty dress. 


Quilted or padded bags have been in style for years and this summer is no different and this is true of clutch bags as well as any other type! With a plush feel these will look great with all manner of other fashions you choose to wear. 

A clutch bag can dress up an outfit, make it look more feminine or even be a statement piece that stands out in an edgy. If you can’t decide which one to go for, why not get a few so you have plenty of choice!

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