What is artificial grass made of?

Professionally laid artificial grass has the power to transform your back garden or outside space into a calm and tranquil oasis, presenting a picture perfect aesthetic and easy to maintain surface for all your outdoor furnishings, accessories, and activities. Our artificial grass installation has become a favoured solution among homeowners across Essex, who recognise the convenience of synthetic grass and revel in the high quality finish provided by our team. 

But there’s one question which virtually every client asks – and it’s one we thought we’d clear up in a short guide. What is artificial grass made of and how does the installation process ensure optimum presentation every time?

The construction of artificial grass

Here at Luux Landscapes, we are a proud installation partner of Alpha Grass – a premium artificial grass manufacturer and supplier that constructs authentic and realistic looking grass products to create a carpet layer for your outside space. Whether layered atop decking, patio, tarmac, or soil and dirt, artificial grass is secured using adhesive and tape and boasts a porous under-layer which allows for the even distribution of water and ensures that the artificial grass does not become waterlogged in adverse weather. 

One of the major benefits of professional artificial grass is that there is no single solution which dominates the market – rather, our supply partners are specialists in delivering solutions for all preferences and preferred looks. That means our clients can choose from a range of artificial grass textures, colours, and lengths to present their perfect aesthetic and a finish which suits their outside space both in terms of how they want it to look and how they use their garden. 

The installation process for synthetic grass

Once we know what kind of style and look you are hoping for, our team will move into your garden and remove any existing grass from the ground. A treated timber frame is installed to allow for a level installation and surface, and then a weed-proof membrane is laid across the area to minimise the risk of weeds poking through and spoiling the presentation of your artificial grass. 

The timber frame is then filled with crushed concrete which allows us to create the ideal porous foundation for your grass, compacting it down with a layer of grano dust on top. Finally, your space is ready for its grassy carpet, which is secured using industry standard adhesive to hold the surface in place. 

A big part of the process for us revolves around education and making sure each client is aware of the benefits of their grass as well as its maintenance need – which is why we only employ genuine experts and those with a passion for sustainable and easy to maintain gardens for everyone to enjoy. 

If you’re keen to discuss an artificial grass installation for your garden or outside space, or you have more questions about the installation process or material makeup of our authentic grass solutions, get in touch today.

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