What To Wear On Date Night When You’re Not Celebrating National Boyfriend Day

Quiz Clothing Curve Wrap Dress on WhatLauraLoves

Well lovelies, a little birdie has told me that Wednesday was National Boyfriend Day.  Who’d of thought it?  A whole day dedicated to the boy we love, if indeed there is a boy that we love.  I sincerely hope that there’s a National Girlfriend Day; a) because its important to keep things equal around here and b) because I love presents.

Now since I didn’t even know that National Boyfriend Day was a thing, I didn’t get mine a gift or celebrate it with him; isn’t the day that we queue up for prime fillet steak not enough?  Since he didn’t know that it was a thing either, I don’t think he’ll be too bothered.

Quiz Clothing Curve Wrap Dress on WhatLauraLoves

However I did want to share with you an outfit that I wore on a date night recently, when I wasn’t out celebrating National Boyfriend Day!  The Black and Pink Crepe Floral Midi Dress from Quiz Clothing is an absolute beauty.  Made from a crepe fabric that has a light stretch to it, it fits to the body in all of the right places.

The midi length has a very sophisticated look to it and I love how the shape of a wrap dress looks on my body shape.  The floral pattern is absolutely gorgeous as the colours really pop against the black background of the dress.  Paired with some simple black heels, its the perfect dress to pull on for a last minute date night.

WhatLauraLoves Quiz Curve

We’re focusing on saving up for Christmas at the moment so we’re trying to do date night on a budget so that we can still go out and enjoy ourselves without compromising on our saving.

In the near future, we’re hoping to move in together so elaborate Christmas presents aren’t on our agenda.  Instead we’re looking to get one another a few quality presents to open with things that we really want and need.  Top of my list for my man is a set of cufflinks.  He’s been to quite a few occasions this year (a red carpet awards ceremony, a couple of weddings and the races) where he as needed them but not had any really special ones to wear.  I’ve got my eye on the Tateossian cufflinks for him.  I love the look of the skeleton ones that look like the inner workings of a clock!

I’m also looking at getting him a bracelet to wear on date nights and special occasions as with having a hands on job, he doesn’t tend to wear much jewellery.  Something to be kept for best would be ideal for him.

Lastly, I’m looking at a smart coat for him.  Last year he wanted a more casual style, which he got and it is still in fabulous condition so now he is setting his sights on a smarter one, again for evenings out.

We love getting dressed up and making an effort for each other.  Date nights are so important and we don’t need a National Boyfriend or Girlfriend day to show each other we’re loved!

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WhatLauraLoves Quiz Clothing Plus Size Dress


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What outfits do you love to wear for date night?  Did you celebrate National Boyfriend Day or even know it was a thing?

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