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WhatLauraLoves This Week

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A Week In The Life…
If theres one thing I hate in life, its when the bloody clocks go forward or back.  Every single year it leaves me brutally confused.  Today I was due in work at 7am (6am to my body given that its difficult to change your body clock forward an hour!) so I spent the whole night wide awake worrying that I wouldn’t get up with my alarm and that I’d be late.  To make matters worse, I turned the auto update off on my iPhone and it still put my clock forward an hour, so I got up at 5am thinking it was 6am.  Oh jeez.  Needless to say, this afternoon I had an awesome nap before going to the cinema to see The Hunger Games.

What a film!  I’m ashamed to admit, until I saw the trailer, I’d never heard of it, I haven’t read the book and I didn’t know what to expect.  It was on absolutely AGES but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially considering it isn’t the usual type of film I go for.  Is it from a series of books?  Will there be more films?  Once I’m finished reading my current selection of books on my Kindle, I definitely think I’ll be downloading the book.

Healthy Eating and Exercise

For those looking for an update, I have stuck rigidly to my healthy eating plan once again this week although I haven’t done much exercise as I’ve been mega busy and had my contraceptive implant changed this week (too much information?!).  I’ve actually found that I really missed getting the ol’ heart beating faster.  Back onto the exercise this week– I can’t wait for Zumba on Wednesday night!

Blogging Life

I attended the store opening of the new Simply Be store at Teeside Park on Tuesday and got the chance to catch up with Clare from Big Beauty Blog (GORGEOUS girl with such a kind heart, go check her out :] ).  What a lovely store it is though and the staff are so friendly.  I actually went there on Friday to buy some clothes and one of the sales assistants actually asked if I had enjoyed myself at the opening, which I thought it was lovely of her to ask.  The opening was a great success and so many people in the local area were pleased that the store had opened.  I must admit, I did feel a little bad when a girl asked where my dress was from and I had to say New Look.

This Week on WhatLauraLoves

This week on WhatLauraLoves, I posted a flirty and girlie makeup look using some of the products from my everyday makeup bag.  I asked if there was any products you’d like to see an indepth review of and in the comments section, a couple of you asked for a review of the YSL Touche Blush in #1 Rose and I also had an email asking for a review of the MAC Matte Bronze powder, so I will get round to doing those in the coming weeks.  There were two WhatLauraWore outfit posts this week, one showing a pretty summer dress that I’m getting my wear of before I ebay it and another showing a gorgeous Taillissime black dress that I got from One Stop Plus… And if that wasn’t enough, this week I also shared a mini jewellery haul with you all of some pieces I picked up from ROAM Jewellery which is a concession in New Look.

What have you been up to this week?  What have some of your favourite products been?

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  1. Tabitha
    March 26, 2012 / 6:56 pm

    I watched Hunger Games on Friday….it was good, but you NEED to read the book! It's the first part of a trilogy, and apparently Woody Harrelson let slip that he's signed up to play Haymitch for 3 films so I'm looking forward to the rest! x

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