WhatLauraDid: Week 21

Some Instagramed snaps from London… follow me ‘whatlauraloves’

This week, I had all the intentions of blogging LOADS, that was until I got a call on Tuesday to let me know that I’d won a competition for me and a friend to go down to London to see Ghost the musical at the Piccadilly Theatre. OH EM GEE, I couldn’t believe it as I rarely win anything.  Luckily Friday was my day off work so I was fine to go although I was working on Saturday but like any girl who is game for a good time, I didn’t let that stop me.  I took my future bridesmaid Jaymee with me and we managed to get a coach there and back (albeit leaving very early in the morning and departing London VERY late at night) for £30 each… as opposed to £500 and odd between us on the train.  Needless to say, we were well up for the road trip and on it like a tramp on chips.  We had a fabulous time.  As part of the competition prize I got a Nazila Nail Glitz manicure and we both were treated to cocktails and a goodie bag which contained some fab bits like eyelashes and the cast soundtrack CD.  Ghost has to be the best musical I’ve seen.  I’ve never watched the film before so I didn’t know what to expect but the storyline was so easy to follow, the songs were brilliant and the chemistry between the characters was so believable.  What I thought was the most amazing aspect of the whole show was how clever it was, you’d have to see it to understand what I mean but some parts were literally magical and would give any illusion and magic performer a run for their money!

Phew, after all of that excitement… Here’s the posts from this week: a WhatLauraWore outfit post with a very ballerina hair and makeup look, and a review of the WEN Cucumber Aloe hair care range by Chaz Dean.

As for tonight, I’m going to finish off watching TOWIE then get to bed.  I’m starting work at half 9 all this week so I’m determined to fit a session in at the gym and swimming pool before work… Alarm is set for 6am!

Hope you’ve all had a great week and looking forward to the next.  Stay beautiful <3


  1. xXxStundonxXx
    May 22, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    I loved Ghost 🙂 I've seen the film and then re-watched it on Sunday, it seemed lame in comparison to the musical and that is saying something because the film is amazing! Shame I didn't get to speak to you, we arrived quite late x

    • WhatLauraLoves
      May 22, 2012 / 10:06 pm

      Aw would have been lovely to meet you. Pleased you had a good time xxx

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