WhatLauraDid: Week 22

My best friend and I

Summer is FINALLY here!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine all week and I am now sporting the beginnings of a pretty nice tan.  I’ve got lots of sun tan and summer holiday posts coming up in the next couple of weeks as I get excited for my holidays and the summer months in general.  If there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to post about then please let me know.  Other than enjoying the sunshine, I’ve had some great nights out with friends over the last couple of days.  The sun really makes nights out just that little bit more enjoyable.  I’ve also exercised like a trooper this week; I have been swimming every day, been to the gym and enjoyed Bokwa and Zumba classes a few times too.

I saw a convo going on on Twitter tonight about blogs posting personal information and a debate as to whether a blog has to have lots of personal, real life information in order for it to be successful.  This got me thinking and I thought I’d stick my two pence worth in.  I do like reading blogs where the writer includes bits of their everyday life however I don’t read lifestyle blogs, I read beauty blogs so I like the focus to me on just that, beauty.  For my own blog, I must admit, I don’t like writing too much about my personal life.  In the early days I would include much more about my personal life than I do now.  There’s a very fine line between sharing too little information and too much and if I’m honest, I’d rather sit on the sharing too little side of the fence.  Its not that I don’t want to share things with my readers, I just think that there has got to be some things that I keep just for me, what I’m writing is going out on the world wide web after all!  I think some form of self disclosure is important inorder to personalise a blog and occasionally I share photos and anecdotes of my friends, my partner and what I’ve been up to but I air on the less is more side, after all this is a beauty and fashion blog, not lifestyle.  I’ve had instances in the past where people have tried to add me, my partner and friends on our personal Facebook accounts which although is very endearing, I have chosen to put myself out there on the internet, my friends haven’t and I think that they should be afforded the same choice… I hope that makes sense!  So please don’t feel annoyed if I don’t accept a friend request, it isn’t anything personal at all, I just talk about work and my day to day life where I live on Facebook and I want to keep that private.  However I do think that keeping my personal life private does leave me open to criticism… I’m sure regular readers will remember the uproar caused when someone accused me of only being interested in looks and as though I do nothing else worthwhile with my life.  They couldn’t be more wrong but I can see why they formed that opinion of me as I choose not to talk about my career, education and voluntary work on here as it isn’t safe to do so and I don’t need to as it doesn’t fit in with the theme of my website.  What do you guys think? Would you prefer it if I talked more about my personal life?  I hope all of that makes sense, I don’t want to sound like a pompous numpty!

This week on WhatLauraLoves, I blogged about a gorgeous summer dress and Barbie pink clutch bag, my hair saving hair brush the Tangle Teezer and I posted my first bargain beauty post reviewing Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder.
What have you all been up to this week?

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  1. BT
    May 27, 2012 / 11:43 pm

    Great post – a real insight for me as a new blogger, thanks xx

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