WhatLauraDid: Week 25

Some incredibly self indulgent photos I’ve posted on Instagram this week

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well and have had a good week.  I’ve had a great week actually.  We were offered free tickets to the Elton John concert in Newcastle on Wednesday night, so I went along with my boyfriend and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I sat there for a good hour not knowing a single song he was singing but then I started to recognise some of them.  He’s a great performer and if we had bought the tickets we would have thought they were excellent value for money.  The support act came on at 8pm (the 2Cellos, awesome), he came on at 8.15 and sang with the support act and didn’t leave the stage until 10.40!  What a man!  I’ve spent an absolute fortune on tickets in the past to see singers who are barely on for more than an hour when you take into account the amount of times they run off stage to take their clothes off and return wearing tomorrows washing.

This week I have also made a conscious effort to go makeup free for the majority of the week.  I adore skincare and I love to try to keep my skin in tip top condition so I have decided that when I’m going to work, I will go makeup free in order to let my skin breathe a little and to show off the results of a good skincare routine (I wonder how long she’ll keep that up? I can hear you all say…).  Not only does this make getting ready so much quicker in the morning but I’m really enjoying taking my time with my skincare and allowing a product to soak in, rather than being conscious that I need to apply makeup straight away.  I have a tan at the moment which helps a lot too, I think that my skin looks naturally better with a tan and I don’t feel as though I need makeup, as long as my skin is clear.  HD Brows and an eyelash tint would greatly help but that will have to wait for payday… I’m currently letting my eyebrows grow in and it is killing me.

One thing that is keeping my skin in great condition at the moment is the Dirty Works Blemish Buster 2 in 1 scrub and mask.  Oh-eM-Gee this is amazing stuff, I saw such impressive results after the first use.  LOVE IT. 

This week I posted my first ever Empties post which featured my favourite and most indulgent Estee Lauder skincare and my favourite eye makeup remover EVER from Klorane.  I’m usually useless at keeping the empty bottles of products that I’ve used up.  I’m getting pretty ruthless in my old age and can instantly decide if I need to keep something and if it’s a no, I get so much pleasure from chucking it out.  In my younger days I would hoard stacks and stacks of junk and I’d have tons of half empty bottles of skincare products and alike.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have LOTS of skincare and beauty products but they’re either being used on at least a once a week basis, or they’re full and unopened.  There is a one out, one in policy these days.

I blogged about another perfume this week, Gucci by Gucci, which has been one of my favourite scents ever since I got it for my 21st birthday from Mr WLL.  I adore how rich and indulgent it smells and I always have a bottle of this on my dressing table.

Oh and in last Sundays post, I talked about my night out with the girls on Saturday night and this week I posted my WhatLauraWore outfit post from that night wearing my new AX Paris Curve dress.

What have you been up to this week? Let me know your news 🙂

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