WhatLauraWore: My First Follow Me Around Vlog

Yesterday I filmed my first ‘follow me around’ style vlog as it was requested on my Twitter page, you can watch it on my Youtube Channel here.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and felt like a complete fool but alas, I have successfully filmed it, edited it and uploaded it all through my iPhone 4s.  I used my new iMovie app to edit the vlog and in all honesty, it has been the best £2.99 I’ve spent on apps on my phone, with the exception of buying extra Smurfberries on Smurfs Village of course…

This is the outfit I wore yesterday and in my vlog, hope you like it.  I realise that I look completely wind swept and I am squinting because the sun was so bright, however my clothes aren’t wind swept and they themselves can’t squint which I’m sure is the main thing.


Pink swallow dress from New Look

Black leggings from Evans

Pink flower earrings from Primark

Rose gold watch by DKNY

Bag by Juicy Couture

Black bow pumps from Primark

I’m working all weekend now but I hope that you all have lots of exciting things to get up to!

Stay Beautiful <3

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