Why are we seeing more patio doors in London?

The London housing market

As many of us know, the London housing market is in a league of its own, with the average house price reaching the dizzy height of £553,000 compared to the UK average of £296,000 (ONS). It isn’t space Londoners are paying for either, with 45% of London boroughs having a median property size smaller than 78 sqm compared to the majority of local authority areas which have 96 sqm. London had the lowest sqm property size than the rest of the country, only really matched by Brighton outside of the capital.

So with space in high demand, how can we make our existing space feel larger when we’d have to look far in our pockets and outside the city for affordable space?

Creating the illusion of space with light and windows

It’s remarkable how you can create the illusion of more space without ever expanding a room. Using light, windows and mirrors smartly mean you can make any space feel larger and more welcoming – as well as some smart interior design!

One of the easiest and most popular ways of doing this is opting for patio doors, which run from floor to ceiling in a room and help to create a vast window space in your garden or balcony. They can replace a single external door or windows could be converted to help open out this space. 

Modern architecture is favouring floor to ceiling windows and plenty of natural light and this can be achieved in older buildings too if you’re looking to update your property. Patio doors in London are a great way of appreciating views of the city or your garden and instantly make a room feel more welcoming as well as larger in volume.

What other benefits do patio doors in London properties have?

As well as creating the illusion of more space, they’re also a brilliant option for adding value to your home. Property buyers are looking for open plan living, bright natural light and welcoming space which can be difficult to find in the city. 

As well as this, with rising energy prices, many people are concerned about the energy efficiency of their homes. Patio doors are energy efficient and made from insulating materials such as aluminium, UPVC or composite which help to keep heat in, as well as toughened double glazed glass helping to reduce heat loss. If you’re looking to make improvements to improve your energy efficiency and keep bills low, patio doors are an excellent investment. 

Patio doors take up minimum space and are one of the most accessible ways to begin improving your home, whether you’re moving into a new home or have lived there for years, patio doors in London are an ideal choice.

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