Why Choose Beauty College Major In 2023?



Thinking about a major to choose when you’re in high school can be challenging. With so many options available, it is difficult to pick one. However, if you’re someone that has always been passionate about beauty and makeup, you will be pleased to know that it is a real course that many universities offer students.


You may not believe it, but thousands of students graduate from beauty school every year and become successful makeup artists, beauticians, hairdressers, and more. Most of them work in the entertainment industry, whereas some start their own businesses and serve the clientele. This course is guaranteed to give you something to love doing for the rest of your life! Here are some reasons why you should choose beauty college major in 2023.

More valuable than self-learning

When it is possible to improve your makeup and beauty skills by learning online, a degree or course certificate from a reputed institution adds much more value to your qualifications compared to learning on your own. Your skills might be as good as someone’s who has gotten a degree from a so-and-so university. Still, the additional training and industry exposure before working gives them an upper hand and better work opportunities. 


Choosing a beauty college major also gives individuals much-needed networking abilities and contacts if they want to set up a business of their own in the future. It also gives you enough opportunities for collaboration with important people in the industry who can help you. Speaking of help, when students need aid with their academic papers they often turn to Grab My Essay, This provider delivers stellar essays and other school and college papers for an affordable price.

Exploring your creativity

No matter how many passion projects you do on your own, being in college and following a strict curriculum set by experts with experience in the field gives you opportunities to explore your creativity in a conductive space. Here, you are encouraged to do what you feel like in the educational setting. It also gives you constant feedback from experts and practical exposure to the various things you can do as a graduate of beauty college.

Getting more stable career opportunities

Being enrolled in a beauty course can expose you to the variety of career opportunities you can be a part of once you graduate from beauty college. Someone who engages in makeup and beauty casually will not have the extent of information about the industry as much as a student in beauty college. This information will give you a variety of career options in the fields such as:


  • Skincare 
  • Product Development
  • Makeup 
  • Aesthetics, and more.

Getting both theoretical knowledge and practical skills

To perfect any skill and make a successful career out of it, one must be as knowledgeable as well as experienced in it. It is the same in beauty. College students get the opportunity to learn and understand the history of the world of beauty, important beauty tips, and practical use of their skills in real time. This combination of techniques helps students learn a lot quicker and retain the knowledge and skills for a longer time, making them better at their jobs. 

Looks better on your resume

As we have mentioned before, having the backing of a university and a degree that validates your skills gives people more confidence to approach you for work. Whether you’re interested in doing makeup for a top celebrity client or a wedding party, the client will find it easier to rely on you if you have the name of a trustworthy institution on your resume. Having a college degree makes your CV a lot more attractive and original.

Final Thoughts

While not everyone can afford to pursue a college degree, you will benefit a lot by taking up even a short course at a community college or a small beauty school. You don’t have to go to a top institution to get the degree you need. However, if you can manage to save up and go to a reputed institution, your future as a practitioner of beauty will be guaranteed to succeed. Best of luck!


Author’s Bio – Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter is a beauty enthusiast and a beauty education counselor at a leading fashion and beauty organization. Her work has been published in notable fashion magazines. Most of it includes necessary advice for youngsters in the beauty world.

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