Why Is My Home’s Water Pressure So Low?

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Not got enough water coming through your taps? Water pressure problems are common and can have many causes. Below are just a few possible reasons your water pressure may be low and what you can do about it. 

Your water valves aren’t fully open

Homes have two main water valves – a main water meter valve and a house shutoff valve – which control the flow of water into your entire home. Both valves need to be left open completely. If one is shut or slightly closed, you can expect lower pressure. If you’ve recently had plumbing work done, it’s possible that a plumber didn’t open one of these valves properly. Check both valves and see if this is the problem. 

Your water pump is faulty

It could also be worth looking into water pump problems and solutions. Pumps help to keep water flowing through pipes. Sometimes pumps can stop working effectively, preventing enough water from passing through. Such issues typically require help from a plumber to fix – the pump may need repairing or you may need to simply replace the pump. 

You’ve got a blockage

A blockage in a pipe will restrict the amount of water passing through, causing low pressure. Blockages are more likely to form in wastewater pipes, but sometimes supply pipes can fur up with limescale or rust, which could cause a blockage. Many blockages will not just affect water pressure but may also affect the colour and taste – if water is slightly yellow and has a bitter taste this is a bad sign. To get rid of blockages, you’ll likely need to hire a plumber to take a look and remove any obstruction. New pipes may be necessary in some cases. 

You’ve got a leak

It’s also possible that water pressure is low because you have a leak somewhere. Some water leaks are obviously because they will create damp patches or create dripping sounds, however other leaks can go undetected. There are many different means of checking for a water leak – try out these checks to see if a leak is responsible for your low pressure. Most plumbing leaks are best repaired by a professional. If you have old pipes that regularly leak, it could be worth replumbing certain sections of your home to prevent future leaks. This is an expensive job that can require a lot of upheaval, but it could benefit your home in the long run. 

An external pipeline has been damaged

Sometimes pressure problems have nothing to do with the plumbing inside your home. There could be a problem with a pipe outside your home. This could be an external pipe that just supplies your home or a pipe that supplies the entire street. It’s worth asking neighbours if they’ve been having pressure problems to determine if the problem is just affecting your home or everyone. Local news sites will usually be able to provide information if a pipe has been damaged – you may have no choice but to sit tight until it is repaired.

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