Why Should You Have a Mirror For Wardrobe Doors?

You may have noticed some mirrored closet doors in your search for a new home or apartment. Many modern consumers view these characteristics as relics from the heyday of the ’80s style. Since they are integrated into the design of the furniture, these doors not only look great but also help you save space. If you think that such wardrobes are old-fashioned, read on to learn why you should have one. So, let’s get straight into it!

How to DIY Install a Mirror on Wardrobe?

An elegant solution to the problem of a small room is to have a mirror mounted on the closet door. Double-sided adhesive strips are a great alternative to drilling holes or nailing a mirror to your closet door. It’s important to purchase enough strips to hold the mirror securely, and the number of strips needed will vary based on the mirror’s dimensions and weight. Let’s start!

Buy Double-Sided Tape!

Get some double-sided adhesive strips at a hardware store, a home improvement center, or a cheap retailer. Choose heavy-duty strips of tape made for hanging artwork. Try attaching half of the strip at the back of the mirror and the rest on the wardrobe. Avoid using foam double-sided tapes for a stronger grip. Having a mirror for wardrobe doors was once considered a sort of status symbol.

Mark the Spots!

Place the mirror in the closet and use chalk to make little dots at the upper corners to indicate where you’ll be attaching the mirror to the door. Place the mirror so that its back is against a wall. Draw a line with a chalk between the two points, and then attach a yardstick to the inside of the closet door. Use the yardstick with a level placed above it. Remove a chalk mark from the yardstick and repaint it at the proper level if necessary.

Attach Adhesive Strips!

● Remove the backing from one side of the tape and put it on the mirror’s back, 1/2 inch from the top right corner. Do the same for the upper left corner. Then, 1/2 inch closer to the center of the closet door, attach the back side below each chalk dot. 


● Mark a point along the mirror’s edge with chalk at the same height just like the bottom of the opposite corner strip. Put a self-adhesive strip on the chalkboard, sticky side down, so that it will be 1/2 inch right from the edge and aligns with the corner strip. To finish, turn the mirror around and do the same thing backwards.


● A self-adhesive strip should be attached to both sides of the door, level with the upper strips. The mirror’s four strips must coincide with the door’s four strips for the system to function properly.


● Peel out the final layer of plastic from each sticky strip. Close the door of the closet and slightly press your mirror against it, checking for straight strips. Make sure to check if it’s firmly attached. 

Make Your Space Better with Mirrors!

Better Space!

The visual impact of a mirror wardrobe is to create the illusion of a much larger room. If your living quarters are on the cramped side, this is a major plus. Having a mirror installed in your closet will create the optical illusion of more space. They typically have slim doors that help maximize the available area. For rooms of any size, it adds the illusion of depth and space, elevating the aesthetic quality of the space.

More Light is Reflected!

Mirrored closets positioned opposite a window multiply the natural light and cast an ethereal glow throughout the space. It will add shine to your space, which is especially appreciated if your walls are white. Mirrored closets allow for an abundance of natural light to enter the space and provide the impression of a more modern and spacious feel.

Aesthetically Appealing!

It goes without saying that wardrobes made entirely of mirrors seem incredibly chic and contemporary. Wardrobes made of mirrors are a stylish addition to any room. The mirrors on the wardrobe’s door make it look fancy, but they also draw attention to the wooden doors. The aesthetic value in both perspectives is high. A mirror’s placement can be flexible depending on the size and layout of the room, so long as there is ample space for a wardrobe. 

Lastly, More Functional!

A mirrored wardrobe lasts longer and it is less susceptible to scratches. Your entire bedroom is likely taken up by wardrobes, the space can be effortlessly enhanced by installing reflective doors. If you’re short on wall space, this is a great solution. The placement of a mirror next to your closet shelving units is ideal. The ability to see the wardrobe options is also helpful in this case. The wardrobe storage is concealed behind mirrors, making the wardrobes blend in better with the decor of your bedroom.

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