Why Should You Upgrade Your Conservatory Roof?

Conservatories can be wonderful spaces that enhance the functionality and value of the home. However, that’s only the case when this extension is practical, secure, and user-friendly all year round. If you find yourself abandoning the room after summer and cursing at the lack of weatherproofing, it may be time for a new roof.

Why Change The Roof And Not The Whole Conservatory?

There is a good chance that many of the problems experienced in your conservatory are either caused or worsened by the roof. Conservatory designers don’t always put the same effort into this part of the structure as some of the more aesthetic elements. Older structures, in particular, can be ineffective compared to contemporary examples. So, you may be overdue for an upgrade anyway.

A big problem with these older and cheaply made roofs is energy efficiency. It is too easy for heat to escape the conservatory when there is minimal insulation in the roof. You might get a suntrap through the windows in the summer, but it could be cold and uninviting the rest of the year. A modern, energy-efficient alternative should create a better environment throughout the year. This will help you get the most out of the space and could also help with rising energy costs throughout the year.

Another problem is that these older and cheaper conservatory roofs may not be as strong as newer alternatives. Modern alternatives with high-end materials should be more capable of withstanding damage. This includes enough weather resistance to deal with heavy rain and storms.

On top of all this, there is the issue of costs. Replacing the whole conservatory can be a very costly experience and may not even be worth it if there isn’t much wrong with the building itself. Hiring a team to put in a new roof saves a lot of money on building and labor costs. It can end up being a win-win situation. You can retain many of the great features in this living space and still improve the living conditions simply by replacing the roof.

Choosing The Best Conservatory Roofs For Your Home

Once you have decided it is time to make that upgrade, you need to find the best roof. Obviously, the main priority is the ability to insulate the conservatory and provide that comfortable living space for longer. You can get some brilliant examples of a lightweight conservatory roof that still has all the right layers for a premium thermal performance. Ideally, you want a strong core between the exterior tiles or other surfaces and the inner layer. Some companies will use PIR, or polyisocyanurate insulation boards, because of their advantageous levels of thermal conductivity. In layman’s terms, you get a premium barrier that traps the heat and keeps the room warmer for longer.

Another important consideration is the practical nature of the roof beyond insulation. Is that outer layer going to be tough enough to withstand water damage and long-term use? This is where some modern composites and faux tiles can help. Some manufacturers have created plastic alternatives to old-fashioned roof tiles and slates to create a stronger structure with an impressive lifespan. These exterior tiles are less likely to break away or smash under pressure, such as in a storm or if struck by debris. On top of that, you can now get structural rafters made from glass-reinforced plastic. This is a great long-term alternative to wood because it isn’t susceptible to mold, rot, woodworm, and other examples of wear and tear.

Another practical consideration is the amount of light you get coming into the conservatory. Conservatories should be full of light throughout the day during the height of summer – not just during the morning or late evening. The addition of a skylight could make a big difference and enhance this conservatory roof upgrade even further.

Then there’s the aesthetic quality of these roofs. Just because they are more long-lasting and made of reinforced plastic composites, that doesn’t mean they can’t look good. The best conservatory roof providers will offer a range of solutions. You can find the most appealing one that works best with the style of the home.

Top roofing companies will create roofs using pieces that mimic real materials. Some of these tiles perfectly replicate the tones and shapes of more traditional tiling methods, such as slate and shingle. This includes the finer details of the rough edges of the slate and the texture of the stone. You can also get pieces that are true to the tone of the original material. However, the added benefit of working with plastic is that you can bring in more unusual colors. Some companies will go for heavily saturated tiles in everything from softer green and grey tones to deep reds and purples.

Getting Your New Roof Upgraded

Getting a new conservatory roof is a lot less hassle than getting a whole new conservatory built and fitted onto your home. However, it can still take time and patience before you have the finished roof in place. A professional roof installation team will discuss your options with you and come and do a survey of the existing roof. This lets them see what needs to be removed and the extent of the project. They can also provide a full quote for the work ahead.

Then they will take their time to carefully remove the existing roof without causing any damage to the property. This means taking out the panels, rafters, and any other structural supports before fitting the new glass-reinforced plastic. From there, the team will work to build up this new secure, thermal-resistant roof with those efficient PIR cores and then add the tiles of your choice. Once everything is in place and secure, they can complete the finishing touches with the guttering system and let you enjoy your upgraded conservatory.

Upgrade Your Conservatory Roof And Benefit For Years

Right now, your current conservatory roof may be just about functional or completely past its best. Either way, it pays to invest in a whole new roof. Your current roof may not be as energy-efficient and protective as it should be. The longer you leave it, the worse it will get. Modern lightweight conservatory roofs can eliminate problems with heat loss and structural integrity, while still looking great. So, talk to a leading provider about your options, set up an inspection, and see how a new roof can transform your conservatory for the better.

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