Why Wirral Is The Best Place To Invest In A Real Estate Property?

England, in recent years, has seen an exponential rise in the number of people moving into Wirral. Hence, it is natural for one to ask, ‘why Wirral is one of the best places to own a home?’

Well, according to the combined opinions of leading Wirral estate agents there are several reasons for the incessant growth of Wirral’s popularity as a real estate investment destination.

Some of those reasons are as follows – 

Wirral is well-connected to the rest of England

Wirral is served by the M53 thus making it easier for one to commute to and from Chester Liverpool and Manchester.

In case one has to head further and avoid the rush hour traffic of Liverpool’s Edge Lane then they can always take the M56. Furthermore, Wirral also enjoys services from the Merseyrail and bus services. The latter is run by Stagecoach and Arriva.

On top of this, one can also take the 437 route, located between West Kirby and Liverpool, if they are in a hurry.

The climate of Wirral is ideal

As per the scientists of the critically acclaimed Liverpool John Moores University, Wirral enjoys its signature or rather year-round ‘pleasant’ climate all thanks to its proximity to the Welsh Hills and the sea.

Hence, one will be living peacefully here with their loved ones without worrying too much about the elements.

Wirral is one of the most beautiful places in England

Wirral is known for its red rocks of Thurstaston. It is also popular for the beautiful promenade of Hoylake. One can also take their loved ones on a ride using the Eastham Ferry or visit Dee Estuary’s Wirral Country Park – one of the most popular places to visit in Wirral. Wirral’s calming natural beauty is also best captured when one takes a trip to Grange Hill’s deep woodlands. It is located at West Kirby.

Hence, it is easy to see that you would not have to travel abroad or far from your home if you want to take your family for a weekend trip or a picnic when you are a resident of Wirral.

If you have a love for parks (and beaches) then Wirral is the place for you

Who doesn’t love parks and beaches!?

Wirral, well it has both!

For instance, it is home to the historically important Birkenhead Park that has been operational since 1847. One can also take their loved ones to the popular Central Park. It is located in Liscard.

Other popular parks in Wirral are – 

  • The Arrowe Country Park and
  • The Mayer Park – located in Bebington.

There are plenty of beaches in Wirral.

For instance, the beaches of New Brighton and West Kirby are popular among tourists from all over England as well as overseas. They are renowned as the perfect for witnessing sunsets!

One should also remember that Wirral is one of the best places for a child to grow up as it is home to renowned educational institutions like the Bebington High Sports College as well as the Wirral Grammar School for Girls. The former also offers vocational courses and is also popular for its construction center and school farm. Hence, if all the information shared in the above sections of this post has pumped you up, then be sure to hire a letting agent before you start your Wirral home hunt, for the best results.


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