Winter Warmers: Turn Your Lounge Into A Cosy Den This Season

Coming home after a long day at work is a wonderful feeling.  While you’re on the bus in the dark, the one thing that you think of the most is curling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate – with whipped cream. Unfortunately, most people don’t realise how much they need a comfortable, cosy lounge to come home to after work. 

The lounge isn’t just a place to entertain friends or watch TV; it’s a place to relax and read a book. It’s a place for the children to play quietly and for conversations over a glass of wine. You may use your lounge a lot more than you think you do, so why not create a cosy den for yourself? The best bit is that in the chilly, frosty weather, you’ll make a haven which will make you warm up the moment you arrive. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about the ways you can turn your lounge into a cosy den this season.

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You need as many layers as you can to warm up a room. Warmth doesn’t just come from the thick rugs for sale or the layered curtains on the windows, but in covering the floor and the windows, you can keep the heat in. You can never have too many textures in one room. Chunky weaves, fluffy pillows and added velvet blinds gives the room depth and warmth all in one go.


You do not need to have several sofas and armchairs in your lounge for it to be cosy. Think giant pillows or beanbags and one simple sofa that is deep with tons of cushions all over it. Go for the largest cushions possible for that “sinking in” feeling. 


With the right lighting, you can achieve a LOT! You can create such an atmosphere with the right lighting, so think beyond the ceiling lights and add in floor lamps and wall lights. Installing a dimmer switch can also contribute to the ambience, too. 


Any cosy lounge needs a place to curl up and read a good book. This requires enough lighting to see, layers of blankets and the right chair. Cuddle chairs are usually the perfect item for a book nook, as they are wide enough to splay out in. Choose comfortable fabrics and chunky knits for a really cosy feel, and make sure the whole layout is in a corner of the room.

A comfortable lounge needs to be warm, layered and adorned with rich, colourful tones on the walls. Your fabrics should be soft and warm in style, and you should be able to sit and enjoy the space while relaxing. The house needs to feel warm this winter, so add in as many of the cosy suggestions above and your lounge is going to be perfect for those long, cold winter nights. Take some time to plan – you don’t want to go wrong with this room!

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