World Home Decor to Inspire

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Today the lovely Sue has written an article about amazing home decor inspired by the corners of the globe!  I thought this would be appropriate seen as though I’m travelling at the moment.  Enjoy…

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World Home Decor to Inspire


If you are fond of travelling, as so many of us are, it’s
probably extremely likely that you have a growing collection of bits’n’bobs
from your travels. From beautiful Mediterranean shells you collected straight
off the shores to exotic Indian rugs from your gap year, instead of letting
these items clutter up your home, use them as inspiration and transform your
house into a trip down memory lane…


Art Deco will never go out of style and is something that
epitomises Parisian life. To accompany your classic Parisian prints, why not
opt for a rich colour palette (a deep purple eludes class and royalty) and
fabrics such as velvet and silks suggest grandeur. In terms of ornaments and
accessories, any dark silver and rustic golds will cement the Art Deco theme even
further. Another easy way to get the Parisian theme, without the gigantic price
tag, is to invest in your accessories such as lighting and ornaments. Artistic
and sculptural statues can decorate your surfaces while show-stopping fixtures
like designer lamps from Lampcommerce
completes your look. You can even pick up ornate mirrors for a bargain at local
reclamation yards nowadays. Paris is all about rich textures, warm colours and
those elaborate Art Deco designs; the perfect city to help banish the chilly

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Earthy tones and intricate patterns will have you thinking
you’re back in the vibrant Moroccan markets in no time. Whilst rich reds,
oranges and browns give that exotic Moroccan feel, there are certain thrifty
extras you can incorporate into your design to really epitomise the time that
you spent there, or make you want to visit in the first place! For example,
gigantic cushions and bean bags, low tables and fragrant candles all signify
the rich Moroccan culture. Remember, when it comes to Morocco, the smells are
just as important as the look. Essence sticks and rich woody aromas make for
the perfect dinner party and cosy home too.

New York

Are the bustling streets of New York much more your cup of
tea? Whilst Paris has the intricate deco designs, New York is all about
embracing the bold. Take inspiration from the many museums like the Metropolitan, MOMA and Guggenheim
and opt for Pop Art throughout. This means vibrant primary colour shades and
block patterns. With the Andy Warhol look, you could keep the majority of your room’s
monochrome, adding just dashes of red, yellow and blue here and there. Think of
your home as a Mondrian painting! The other side of Pop Art is the Jackson
Pollock-esque expressionism. Paint splatters are a completely original way to
inject some creativity into your walls and furnishings.

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Whilst Morocco has the intricate designs in earthy tones,
India is all about the colour. Multicoloured fabrics are a must. Team these
with a range of textures and you have yourself a taste of India. In terms of
metal furnishings, smooth copper and embellished gold represent the extravagance
of Indian culture whilst the bright fabrics show the vibrancy of its people.
For texture, thick rugs dotted around your home give you a homely space full of
comfort whilst silks (something India is famed for) can be included into every
room using throws, bed linens, table cloths or curtains. Pinterest have many
amazing example that you adopt in your home…

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