Worried About Going Away With Medical Conditions? Here’s How To Cover Yourself

Suffering from a medical condition is stressful enough, but suffering from a medical condition when you are wanting to go away can be even more stressful. There is potentially nothing more scary or stressful than getting ill on holiday. You won’t have your local doctor who knows you. You may also not have your family around you who would usually react the quickest. Furthermore, being stressed about potentially getting ill can actually bring on the medical condition itself. Below, we talk about how you can do your best to ensure you are covered before heading off on your travels. 

Consider Your Mode Of Transport

Perhaps one of the better things to do before going away is consider your mode of transport. If possible, try to choose the least stressful mode of transport. For many, flying brings on a lot of stress. As discussed, stress is not the best thing for a medical condition so try and travel by a mode of transport that you are comfortable with. 

Being scared of heights is a big reason why people rule out flying. If you are travelling across the borders, see if there is any route that is accessible by train. Of course, you have to be comfortable with travelling by train for this to work. But travelling by train is usually part of someone’s daily routine, so if you are comfortable then this could be an option. An example would be if you are in Europe. There is a direct train route between an island like the UK and mainland Europe, most notably France. Taking the train instead of flying may also be more sensible as a train can stop. A plane meanwhile, cannot stop in mid-air. 

Itemise Your Medication

Make sure you give yourself a checklist for your medication when you’re travelling. In a similar way to how you would for packing your essentials like passport and other paperwork, double check you have all the medication you need. Sometimes when travelling, there is disruption which is out of your control. Remember the erupting volcano? You won’t want to be without your medication if you are stuck in a foreign country. Having an itemised list will help with damage limitation. 

Cover Yourself With The Right Policy

Any person who regularly travels will cover themselves in case anything untoward happens. A lot of people consider travel insurance to just be for lost baggage and compensation if there are any deliveries. This isn’t the case though; it can be a lot more serious. You need to cover yourself medically regardless of if you have any existing medical conditions. But if you have medical conditions and this is something you are going to worry about then make sure you have the right policy to cover you. The good news is that providers like Staysure have insurance plans for travelling with a medical conditionwhich can help to put your mind at rest. 

If your medical condition is often bought on by stress, then knowing that you are covered correctly can go a long way to ensuring you are feeling relaxed. An insurance policy is exactly what it says on the tin. It also does so much more though. It can ensure that you actually relax and enjoy your trip away rather than leave you sitting there that something may go wrong. 

If you are worried about going away and you have a medical condition, then the best advice is to be prepared. Choose your transport and destination carefully. Cover yourself with the correct policies and also triple check that you have the right medication with you!

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