Year Round Gift Ideas from Ditzy Doll

If you’re looking for cute wedding favours, stocking or birthday present fillers or simply a little gift to show someone you care then I would really recommend checking out the bath bombs available at the Ditzy Doll Shabby Chic and Bath Boutique.

I bought a whole host of bath bombs just before Christmas to give to my friends and family as stocking fillers, as well as a few for myself.  They come individually wrapped to keep them fresh and they all come in little organza bags with luggage label style tags with the Ditzy Doll logo on and the name of the bath bomb.  With packaging like this, who needs gift wrap?!  I certainly don’t!  They’re fantastic and all ready just to pop in a stocking for a Christmas present or in a gift bag for a birthday present.  From time to time, Ditzy Doll also sell soap which again, come in lovely packaging and make an ideal present, especially when put together with one of their bath bombs.  If you see the soap on their site, snap it up quickly as just like their bath bombs, they’re very popular.  My Auntie loved the Strawberry Supernova bath bomb and soap that I got her for Christmas.

Ditzy Doll are always bringing out new products, so keep checking out their website for some gorgeous buys.  They currently have some beautiful gifts for Valentines Day… Boys, you have been told!

As well as buying for birthday and Christmas gifts, I got some bath bombs for myself to try and over the past month I’ve been really enjoying having a candle lit Ditzy Doll bath.  The first bath bomb I tried was Strawberry Supernova.

Like all the bath bombs, Strawberry Supernova comes in a little organza bag which is great for this kind of bath bomb because it has little red rose petals inside.  Having petals aren’t so much messy, but for some people, after a long day at work, the last thing they want to do is to clean little bits out of the bath so providing a bag is a great option.  I’ve also found that when in the bag, the bath bombs seem to take longer to dissolve which is a bonus!

Size wise, Ditzy Doll bath bombs are quite small, you’ll notice this especially if you are used to Lush bath bombs and alike.  With Ditzy Doll, it really is a case of quality over quantity.  When dropped in the bath, Strawberry Supernova sounded and looked like it was fizzing really quickly but it actually took quite a few minutes to dissolve which I love.

After the bath bomb dissolved, I was left with a gorgeously fragrant bath smelling of champagne, strawberries and roses.  Very romantic and girlie and certainly not fake and artificial smelling like some brands of bath bomb I have tried.  Ditzy Doll bath bombs are very natural and harm free- they do not contain any animal products so they are perfect for vegans and vegetarians and they have not been tested on animals.  Hooray, thats what I love to hear!  Strawberry Supernova is a perfect bath bomb for a bath with your partner- check out the new heart shaped bath bombs available especially for Valentines Day!

If you’re looking for a bath bomb for a night out, then I would really recommend Little Black Dress which is scented with “Channel 5” which smells similar to a very famous perfume and is full of gorgeous gold glitter that glistens in the water and stays on your skin in a subtle way after your bath.  Simply stunning.

Of all the bath bombs that I got, my favourite out of those that I have tried so far is Christmas Celebration…

This is a warming spicy bath bomb with that signature Christmas scent.  It was brought out for the festive season and I am PRAYING that its available again next year as I will be stocking up!

Have you tried anything from Ditzy Doll? What are your favourite smellies from their website?  Are you more of a bath or a shower person?

I’ve got a lavender infused Oh So Sleepy bath bomb that I am going to use tomorrow night- cant wait!!

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