Your Guide for Planning a Trip to the Middle East

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Although many travel destinations have been closed to outside visitors over the last few months, many globetrotters are beginning to plan for international trips that they want to take in the future. The Middle East is a destination that is rich in history, culture, and adventure. From Jordan to Dubai, travelers around the globe are interested in packing their bags and venturing to cities across the Middle East. If you are traveling alone, make sure that you are prepared to navigate the language barriers that you may encounter. In this article, we will talk about the steps that every traveler must take as they begin planning their trip to the Middle East.

1. Set a Budget

Before anything else, it is important to decide how much money you plan to spend on your trip. The cost to travel to countries along the Mediterranean Sea varies based on the region you are in. Iconic areas like the United Arab Emirates tend to be more expensive. Smaller regions that are not commonly visited by tourists have more affordable dining and accommodation options.  If you are not planning to splurge during your trip, you may be able to spend a week in the Middle East accumulating roughly $1,000 in ground cost expenses. If you are looking to relax and experience all the culture has to offer, a budget of $2,000 for ground costs will be adequate.

2. Choose Your Destination

There are so many amazing countries across the Middle East. Some of the most popular destinations include:● United Arab Emirates (UAE)

From unique beaches to vast plains of red sand, UAE has exotic sites that all travelers can enjoy. In addition, the restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah are famous for their local cuisines.● Jordan

Jordan has a unique landscape compared to other countries nearby. This country is known for being home to many archeological masterpieces and the Dead Sea.● Egypt

Egypt has a rich history. The cities located in Egypt are exquisite, offering landmarks that are mind-blowing. In addition, the Nile River expands across the country. ● Oman 

Oman is the dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From vast mountain ranges to the Arabian Sea, the country is dawned with immaculate beauty.

There are many other incredible countries that you could visit in the Middle East, including Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, and Turkey.

3. Research Your Itinerary Options

The Middle East offers unique tourism opportunities that many other destinations do not. Before your trip, make sure to plan for any unique experiences that you would like to have. By doing your research ahead of time, your trip will be a lot less stressful. Some of the most incredible experiences that can be had in the Middle East include:
● Riding a camel through the desert● Visiting the “Red Rose City”● Soaking in the pyramids of Egypt● Floating in the Dead Sea● Taking a hot air balloon ride in Turkey


The Middle East is an unlikely tourist destination for many travelers. With so much variety between countries, every traveler can enjoy a getaway to the Middle East. Outdoor enthusiasts, history junkies, and foodies can all find amazing ways to enjoy this part of the globe. By setting a budget and doing adequate research, you can participate in all the activities that you’re hoping for.

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