Your Home Is Your Playground: 10 Popular Uses For Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs have numerous uses. Depending on your type of lifestyle, a bean bag can comfortably accommodate them. A bean bag chair is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, as it is often not the only furniture. Bean bags can take different forms and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They also come in a selection of different colors, allowing them to fit in with the furniture in your home. Here are ten popular uses for bean bag chairs.

A Chair

The most obvious use for a bean bag is to use it as a chair. This is because of the comfor that bean bags offer. Bean bags can be used as different kinds of chairs. They can be chairs in front of a TV or next to a couch. They can also act as mini dining chairs. If you ever find yourself with too many people and not enough chairs, then bean bags can be an excellent save. Bean bags can also be used as chairs in front of an office desk. Depending on what you need an extra chair for, there will be a bean bag that can fill that need. Bean bags are also beneficial when being used as chairs because they promote good posture. Unlike most chairs, bean bags do not have a backrest for people to rely on. When there is no backrest, people must be cautious of the way they are sitting, causing them to focus on their posture. Bean bags are available from Comfy Sacks.

An Extra Bed

A bean bag is an excellent solution for a new spot to sleep. There are a lot of different reasons you may require an extra bed. Maybe you have an additional house guest like a sister or mother, or perhaps you’re hosting a slumber party and need extra beds. Whatever the reason may be, a bean bag can be a great extra sleeping spot.

There are many elements to a bean bag that make them a great sleeping spot. The two main ones are their size and comfort. A bean bag’s support is sometimes even better than the comfort of a standard bed. Depending on what the bag is filled with, it can be quite comfortable or uncomfortable. The material on the outside of the bean bag also determines its comfort level. Most bean bags have a soft and smooth outer surface, making them very comfortable to sleep on. The bean bags size also plays a significant role in being the right sleeping spot. There are bean bags available for purchase that can reach up to seven feet. Depending on the size, these bean bags can accommodate at least one person.

Pool Floats

The most common items that makeup bean bags are buoyant and water-resistant. This means that, when placing a bean bag chair in the water, it will most likely float. There are rare occurrences where the bean bags do not float. That is when bean bags are made of different materials not commonly used in bean bags. A great way to utilize a bean bag pool float is by using it as furniture around the pool and only getting it wet when you need to use it. The bean bag can stay outside the pool for people to tan or just sit on, then be used as a pool float when somebody desires.

The bean bag will not float as well as a regular float, but it will do the job. When using the bean bag in the pool, it is likely water will get on top and get you wet, but that is what you sign up for when arriving in a pool. Although the bean bag will not sink when minimal weight is applied, it will sink once too many people or items get on it.

Pet Beds

Bean bags are great as little beds for your pet. Just like humans, animals enjoy the pleasurable comfort of a bean bag. Bean bags sometimes work even better for pets, as most pets are small, so there will always be a bean bag big enough for them. Bean bags are best used for pets such as cats or dogs. These pets most commonly sleep inside and are cleaner than other pets like chickens or pigs. If you want your pet to sleep in the same room as you, you can position the bean bag near the bed. This allows the bean bag to have multiple purposes. The bean bag can then act as a chair for you or your guests, a decoration, and the bed for your beloved pet. If you plan to use the bean bag as a resting spot for your pet, coat the outside with soft and robust material. This provides comfort for the pet while also making it hard to chew up and rip through.

Heating Pads

Most bean bags are made up of materials that can absorb and handle heat. This means that, when heat is applied to the bean bag, it can absorb it without catching fire or having the materials degrade. The bean bags handle the heat but can’t handle fire, so do not go lighting your bean bag on fire with a blow torch. You can also replace the insides of your bean bag to make the heating more enjoyable. Sitting on a hot bag is already nice, but you can make it even nicer with pleasurable aromas. Things such as cinnamon, ginger, and peppermint can make the area smell nice while also providing a warm spot to sit. Sitting on a hot pad eases the muscles and joints. If you are suffering from joint pain or muscle soreness, sitting on a hot bean bag will make you feel much better.


Bean bag chairs can assist with an assortment of different games. They can help you play board games or video games by providing a spot to sit and relax, but they can also play a role in other real-life games. Bean bags can be used to make obstacle courses. Since they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, bean bags can make for significant obstacles. You can jump over them, run through them, or dive under them. They can also be a landing spot if you are playing physical games. When running and jumping at high speeds, it is good to have a soft and forgiving landing spot. This helps to break your falls and prevent injury.

Bean bag chairs also make for good ammunition during games. Smaller ones can be picked up and thrown. It is much more preferable for soft bean bags to be hurled across the house instead of plastic or glass toys. This helps to prevent damage in the home and injuries to the people playing. Bean bag chairs also make for hiding spots and shelters. Games like hide and seek or Nerf gun wars benefit from bean bag chairs.

Camera Stands

There are many reasons you may require a camera stand. Maybe you’re filming a video and do not have a cameraman, or you are trying to take pictures and do not have a photographer. The most common type of camera stand is a tripod, but it has been known that tripods have a lot of limitations and restraints. Bean bags, however, do not. Tripods are a hard, unchangeable material. Most tripods are made of plastic or metal. Therefore, their position cannot be manipulated beyond certain limits. Since tripods are not stretchy or soft, they can only adjust up and down. Unlike tripods, bean bags can move up and down, side to side, and can fit into areas tripods can’t. Bean bags also provide support in case of the camera were to fall. If a camera falls off a tripod, it will most likely break. If a camera falls off of a bean bag, it will land on a soft surface, most likely preserving the camera.

Therapeutic Devices

It has been proven that people who have autism respond well to the comfort of a bean bag. The bean bag’s ability to be manipulated in shape and density is suitable for people withautism. This is because people who have autism often have thin bones. Also, the comfort of the bean bag is very relaxing and calming for those struggling with autism.

Safety Helmets

Some safety helmets are now being made using the same materials as bean bags. This is because bean bags are forgiving, causing falling to be less harmful. Hundreds of round beads disperse the impact during a fall, keeping the person wearing the helmet safe.


Bean bags are suitable for beginning jugglers since they won’t break if they fall. They are also easy to catch, making it easy for people to learn how to juggle.

There are a lot of different uses for bean bags, and some of them work with the each other, making bean bags one of the most versatile pieces of furniture.

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