Yours Clothing Metro Centre Re-Opening!

This week, Yours Clothing relocated from the Blue to the Green Mall in the Metro Centre and I was there to catch all of the action at their reopening.

The Metro Centre is my favourite place to go shopping in the UK.  There is so much choice, especially for plus size fashionistas and I really feel as though it is one of the few shopping centres where you can get a similar shopping experience on the highstreet as you would do if you were a size 10.

I’ve always loved Yours Clothing but I must admit that I haven’t always loved their stores, the previous Metro Centre store included.  The shop that was in the Blue Mall was quite small and felt very overcrowded with clothes which meant that you couldn’t see them all and appreciate their individuality from one another.

Even at first glance at the new store, you can see from the outside that it is far larger, more open and airy than the previous store and it really makes Yours Clothing stand out as the premier place to shop for plus size fashion in the Metro Centre.

The new store is located on the ground floor, next door to Boots in the Green Mall.  If you know where Thorntons, Ann Summers, Boux Avenue, etc is then you’ll easily be able to spot the Yours Clothing store as it looks bright and inviting along the same part of the mall as them.

On Thursday, lots of fans gathered outside of the new store to not only celebrate the opening of the shop but to meet the gorgeous Alison Hammond who was there to open the store.

Alison did a great job at cutting the ribbon and welcoming everyone into the store.  She made a speech about how great she thought the store was and why she loves Yours Clothing so much, speaking specifically about how gorgeous and generous their plus sizes clothes are and how they enable those particularly at the higher end of the plus size rang, to have plenty of choice and on trend pieces at an affordable price.

The store inside is everything that I could have hoped for and more.  It is super bright, light and airy.  There are separate sections for nightwear, undies, swimwear, work clothes, casual pieces, etc and a lot of the different trend led pieces are grouped together too.  This makes shopping in store so easy as you can clearly see everything thats available and put your outfits together while you’re shopping.

The store has air con which was very welcome, especially on a hot day with lots of people in the store, and there’s plenty of room to move between the different clothing stands.  I absolutely love the inspirational quotes on the wall too.

I really think that the layout of the store and how the clothes are displayed really helps to show them off to their best potential and I even found myself trying on things that I wouldn’t usually have picked up purely because of how they were displayed.

It was so lovely to meet Alison Hammond, she is genuinely one of the friendliest people ever!  I don’t think Yours Clothing could have chosen anyone better to open the store as she spoke so highly of the clothes, the shop and the brand itself.  Alison was such a good host for the day and actively made her way around the store, chatting to all of the customers, taking photos and openly talking about which styles and pieces were her favourite in store.

I remember Alison from Big Brother years ago where she was sadly voted out very early on in the series.  I loved her fun and vivacious personality and was gutted when she left because its not often that I like someone so early on in the series.  Since the show, she has gone from strength to strength in her own TV career with appearances on I’m A Celebrity, ITV’s This Morning and Strictly Come Dancing.  I don’t watch those shows but when I popped up a selfie with Alison on my Twitter account, so many of you messaged me to say how great you thought she was on them and judging by the turn out at Yours Clothing last week, she is definitely very well loved by the public.

While at the store, I had a good browse around all of the stock and they had lots of new in products like the Modern Seventies line in the photo below (shop here) that I had seen and lusted after on the website.  That’s the great thing about having the Yours Clothing stores as they really bring the stock to life that I have seen online and you can feel how great quality everything is.

They always seem to have plenty of choice when it comes to sizes too which is handy as I have found their clothes to be very generously sized recently (which I love!) and if something isn’t in stock, the staff in the store are more than happy to order it in for you.

They had lots of pieces in stock that were suitable for the end of summer leading into autumn which is great for me as when I’m buying clothes at this time of the year, I like to be able to get my wear out of them, so transitional pieces are high on my shopping list.
I loved this fine knit jumper with sparkly stars on (shop here) as well as so many other pieces in the store.  I picked up three items that I’ll be writing about on my blog soon in my outfit posts so stay tuned for those!

This is the kimono (shop here) that Alison was wearing and it received so many compliments.  It looks so dressy, especially when worn with an all black outfit, but it is effortlessly stylish and easy to wear too.  Not to mention, cool and super light weight, which is perfect for warm and muggy summer days.

This Young & Free top (shop here) really caught my eye and I love the fabric that it is made from as it is like a light, fine knit but in a t shirt which is really different.  I was talking about this top with one of the store staff and she was saying how much she loves it and all of the 90s trend led pieces in the store, especially those that are long with the splits up them.  Its great to see a plus size store being ahead of the trends rather than dropping a small selection of trend led pieces a year after they were in fashion!

The great thing about Yours Clothing shops really is their staff and I do think that it is the people that work there who set them apart from so many other highstreet shops.  They started as a market stall brand and while they’ve come on leaps and bounds over the years with an incredibly successful website and portfolio of highstreet stores, I don’t think they’ve lost the personal touch that comes with market stall selling which is what makes me feel so comfortable to shop there time and time again.

Whenever you enter a Yours Clothing store, the staff are always friendly and welcome you, they’re always happy to help and they always have a smile on their face.  You can’t ask for much more than that.  So many staff members asked what I thought of the store, if I needed help picking anything out or if they’d like me to take my items through to the changing rooms for me to try on, which are fabulous by the way.

The Yours Clothing changing rooms at the new Metro Centre store are really big so you have ample space to try on everything.  I love the big push button on the wall that has Alison telling you how fabulous you are when you press it!  Theres a large mirror inside with an inspiring, feel good quote on and two sets of hanging hooks to hang everything up on, plus a stool to sit on or to pop your clothes on.  As strange as it is to note, the curtain is the right size for the changing room door which might seem like a random thing to pick up on but its amazing how many changing rooms have gaps to walk through that are one size and a curtain to fill the gap that is half the size.

In the past I would always tend to shop online when purchasing from Yours Clothing whereas with this new store, and the new shop in Sunderland which is equally as fabulous, I feel as though I could spend hours in there, browsing all of their gorgeous pieces.

You can find out more about the Metro Centre store here and shop online at Yours Clothing here.  I’d highly recommend a trip to the store and the Metro Centre in general as I know I’m from the area, but it really is the best place to shop for plus size fashion in the UK that I’ve found so far!

What do you love about Yours Clothing stores?

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  1. Ursula Ball
    August 10, 2015 / 8:53 pm

    How fun…I love store openings!! What an awesome experience!! You look fab in your outfit!Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. Hannah Latoya Bond
    August 10, 2015 / 10:06 pm

    This looks like a good place to shop. It's great to see a shop offering fashionable clothing for plus sizes x

  3. Don't Cramp My Style
    August 11, 2015 / 5:37 am

    oh that looks like amazing event! Great clothes they have! I like the store layout as well!

  4. Lottie L'amour
    August 11, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    This looks like a much bigger and more exciting shop! I might have to take a look when I'm up your way later in the year. I love the cute little 'Feeling Fabulous?' button too!Lottie

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